Tips on Surviving a Music Festival (In Style)

Mama... I survived FireFly, a tropical storm, and outdoor camping.


And I managed to shower (YASSS). There was a stiff price to be paid every single time I wanted to rinse my body clean in a tiny portable shower of the mud and sticky sweat - but I did it. Let me just say, $8 showers were the cat's pajamas during this excursion.

Looking back (way back) there's been so many different festivals I've been to but a few key tips have been tried and true throughout the entirety of my festival-going career.

1. Stay covered
Shady spots at a festival are few and far between. When you do happen to come across a spot with shade, it's usually crowded and not fun. To beat the heat make a hat and a pair of sunglasses your best friends. Most importantly protect yourself from the sun - wear sunscreen and keep layering it on!

2. Comfortable Shoes
Wear them or die. Well, not exactly die - but your feet will majorly hate you the next day. These festivals tend to take place in huge fields and you'll end up taking around 30,000 or more steps going from stage to stage. Sneakers or boots with great arch support are your safest bet.


3. Don't Forget the Essentials
A festival's ATM will rob you blind with fees if you let it. Don't let it rob you blind. Instead bring cash to the festival. While you're at it bring a refillable water bottle since water isn't cheap either. Ladies, bring TP (toilet paper) and an antibacterial gel/spray - porter potties can get real nasty when combined with the heat and thousands of people.

4. Shorts Are Your Best Friend
My very first festival (Warped Tour) my friend was feeling the moment and went for a crowd surf. Let's just say we ALL (including the band) knew exactly how high she wore her pantyhose. So shorts, wear shorts. Even if you're wearing a dress, wear bike shorts. You'll be sitting on the ground, dancing in the crowd, possibly crowd surf - you'll be glad you wore them.


5. Reconsider the One-Piece
Yes, bodysuits, rompers, and jumpsuits are cute. But, you'll be going into gross porter potties that feel like poop saunas. Do you still want to wear that one-piece bodysuit? We all know how much effort goes into pulling one on and off - choose wisely.

6. Less is More
When it comes to makeup, less is more. The few times I've attempted in wearing a full face it has melted off and scared off my friends. I still wear mascara and cheek stain, but by the end of the night that too has evaporated off my face. Still need that coverage, try finding the perfect BB or CC cream at your nearest Ulta or Sephora. If you're curious as to why my brows are looking on fleek it's because I had them temporarily dyed prior to FireFly - highly recommend for my brow girls


Eye GlassesWarby Parker  LipbalmEOS  Tee: thrifted (similar)  Denim Shorts: Zara  BootsDr. Marten  Bralette: Old (similar)

7. Opt for a Braid
For the first time ever in the history of music festivals I went full-braid to a festival. For my curly-haired girls, it's life changing. I felt and looked great and didn't have to worry about knots or styling my hair the next day. If you're camping at the festival, consider going the braid route.

8. Leave the Goods at Home
Festivals can get messy and chaotic. Anything that is irreplaceable or valuable, please leave it at home. You'll avoid major heartbreak by following this rule. At Coachella and FireFly, I noticed a few festival-goers even used throw-away phones instead of their fancy Galaxy or iOS phones.

9. Cellphones are Basically Useless
Wondering how festival-goers are able to go through an entire day without their phones? Because they're basically useless. The service is spotty if you find any to begin with and there's no wi-fi. Every single time I've done Coachella or Governor's Ball text messaging becomes obsolete. Your phone will most likely die due to it constantly searching for service before it'll even send that text message through. If you're with friends I highly advise setting up meeting points within the festival and coming up with a Plan B and C.

10. Have FUN!
Create those memories that will last a lifetime.

Have any awesome tips on how you survived your last festival? Leave them in the comments below.

Photos by Jamal of Style Society Guy.

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