Cute Travel Outfits for the Plane, Solved

After my breakup last year, I remember stating loudly and proudly how committed I was to exploring New York City and beyond. With my savings stacked high, I started to plan out my dream destinations per month. 

First up, was a long weekend to Nashville, Tennessee with a close friend. We remained under budget and had the time of our life eating anything and everything fried and 'cued. 

From there, Tulum, Mexico came up randomly and sporadically so away we went. Tacos, tequilas, and day trips filled our weeklong trip. And again, I somehow stayed under budget until...

The ATV accident.

And with that my travel plans for the year came to a screeching halt but picked right back up for this year. (The power of positivity and determination helped turn this into a reality.) So far, I've visited Philly, Cuba, Boston, Upstate New York and have Norway, Germany and Czech Republic, and Salem coming up. Not sure if I should include my Iceland stopovers but went there too!

Finding myself in a car, bus, train, and plane I've reverted to my tried and true outfits that are resistant to wrinkles + creases, look polished and most importantly make me feel comfortable in tight spaces. 

Here are my go-to looks, I reach for over and over again:

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- Striped Red Shirt and Vans, click here
- Tweed Jacket and Pink Tote, click here
- Navy Culottes and Grey Turtleneck, click here
- Floral Pants and Green Jacket, click here
- Slip Dress, Jean Jacket and Reebok Sneakers, click here

The Old Navy Dress Everyone Is Wearing

This dress has been making the rounds on Instagram lately and for good reasons.

It's affordable, it's cute and amazing quality.


It's from my rediscovered favorite, Old Navy.

Side note, it's kind of interesting how Banana Republic, Gap, and Old Navy are all sister brands with similar styles but Old Navy is killing it. They're so quick to deliver on value and trends in recent years that I highly recommend popping into your nearest store or surfing their newest arrivals here. 

However, you should keep in mind you get what you pay for. Namely, the sizing still needs a bit of work as I find most pieces to run big. To be fair, Zara doesn't have the best sizing reputation either so this is where you handy neighborhood tailor comes in handy.

icy blonde curls natural makeup red lip.JPG

Another summer staple you'll want to use daily... Sunscreen. Not only is it the most powerful skincare product we can use against premature aging and skin cancer, but they're so many different variations and formulas. There's no excuse to not make it a part of your daily routine.

I've been using this one from La Mer religiously, mainly to finish the formula before it expires, but these always make their way back into my skincare routine. This one from Asia, in particular, is my ABSOLUTE favorite.


DressOld Navy (similar hereNecklace: Gold Chain (love this one!Sunglasses: Foster Grant  Watch: Capwell + Co (here's an affordable optionRing: Old (love this too!)  Boots: Cat Footwear  Lipgloss: 22 via Kylie Cosmetics

I couldn't end this post without mentioning how much I love this photo series by Mark. We connected on Instagram, decided to meet up and shoot around Long Island City. He's honestly so talented so make sure you check out his page here.

We shot two looks so can't wait to share the second look with you soon!

Photos by Mark minsoo Kim.

Shop the look:

festival fashion on a budget.JPG

The Little Pink Dress I Almost Forgot About

This season, I've been trying to go above and beyond to organize my little space of the internet and life. I cleared out my inboxes and then got rid of any old paperwork from 2016. And let me tell you... it felt great clearing out all that useless clutter.

Among the clutter, I found a few old photo sessions that never made it live - which sucks because if I were to think back to that day I clearly remember being frantic, late and/or cold.


I need to do better about posting them all and on time.

Regardless, I'm going to go ahead and post them all even if it doesn't seem seasonally appropriate :). And with that I bring you the first "found" look - the pale pink Ramy Brook dress that I (still to this day) adore!

It's incredibly sheer so it's definitely not for the meek but I highly advise wearing a sheer tube layering piece underneath, like this.


Dress: Ramy Brook (similar styleSunglasses: The Row (similar styleCoat: Planet London (similar styleBoots: Sam Edelman (similar & under $100)  Necklace: My Own (similar)  Bracelet: Kenneth Jay Lane (similar stylePurse: Rebecca Minkoff  Lip Tint: Rosy Lips via Vaseline

I recall taking these photos when there was a still a chill in the air which explains the wool coat haha. But I would still style it the same way at the same temperatures.

But once summer hits, I lose the coat and the over the knee boots and go with something a little more practical and cute like gladiator sandals and possibly an oversized denim jacket.

If this sheer isn't your style take a look at Ramy Brook for other options. They have so many cute dresses and tops for the Boheme in all of us.

Photos by Lydia Hudgens.

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