Thursday, October 23, 2014

Ekineyo Cropped Tee in the Office

As you can tell, I've been obsessed with cropped tops - as long as there isn't too much skin showing, we're golden. I wore this crop top look a few weeks ago to the office, and it's safe to say it didn't land me in HR. Take off the denim jacket and then (was hehe) I'm ready for happy hour. 

Denim Jacket: Topshop (similar style)  Shirt: EKINEYO  Midi Skirt: Express (similar hereHeels: Jessica Simpson via DSW
Gramercy Backpack: c/o Sorial  Necklace: BaubleBar  Lipgloss: Cargo Essential Lipgloss in Rio

Now, you're probably wondering who is EKINEYO? Well gather round and take notes - she's one to watch. My amazing friend, Jana of OJ and CIGS, introduced me to her also amazing friend Nike and her line Ekineyo. Fun facts, Ekineyo is a Made in NY, an indie designer, and also had one of her dresses grace the cover of Essence Magazine AND worn by Jill Scott nonetheless. 

Her line consists of tops, bottoms, and seamless dresses made to accentuate a women's body. Quite a few of her dresses (some made with insane prints) would be perfect for any upcoming Holiday parties, or parties in general, so make sure you check out my (new) homegirl and show her some love!

P.s. Special thanks to Illia for capturing these moments for my blog! :)

P.p.s. Jana! FYI, you are still very much amazing!!

Photos by Illia Habets.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Blogging Basics 101: Networking is Good

How many of you have attended a blogger convention or a meetup? How amazing does it feel to meet other people who understand the trials and tribulations of all things internet related - pretty amazing to be honest. In fact after attending a few blogger conventions and meetups I met some pretty incredible ladies that I have been able to lean on time and time again. Whether for support, solid advice or simply to take a few #ootd snaps - my growing group of blogger besties has been a stellar experience. Which is why I encourage all of you, whether you blog or not, to get out there and sign up for a few meetups or conventions (if you can afford it) or even host your own blogger brunch and meet the other girls in your nabe.

In fact, this weekend I've organized a brunch for a few blogger friends I've been meaning to know on more intimate terms and am super excited for it. Creating your own network of bloggers has it benefits since everyone is always good at something and not to mention the support system you'll be able to build among your peers. 

Think there's no one else in your neighborhood/county that blogs? Think again... Coming from the advertising side of things; there might be a smaller number of bloggers in certain areas but the market is saturated with blogs across the country. Trust, I've done a lot of research for blogger events and for towns in which you'd think blogging is obsolete but in turn have been surprised to find amazing bloggers instead. Which means, the likelihood of you meeting like-minded souls is high!

So, if there's anything you can take away from this post it's that networking with other bloggers is a good thing. You can find your support group and they can lift you up and give you some solid advice, have an exchange of ideas and vice versa.

A few places I tend to meet other amazing bloggers at:
IFB Conferences + Seminars
PR & Shopping Events

Also, don't rule out emailing other bloggers in your town for drinks!!

For last month's 101 check it out here.

If there's a topic you'd like me to cover next or if you have any questions please send me an email. Or if you need help locating bloggers in your area for a meetup, shoot me an email - I'd be happy to help!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

New Obsession: Joe Fresh

Honesty hour, I was completely clueless when it came to Joe Fresh and their designs. In fact I didn't enter a Joe Fresh store until realizing, prior to this shoot, I forgot my moto jacket at home. 

Moto JacketJoe Fresh  Shirt: c/o Kersh  Boyfriend Jeans: Zara  Boots: Wanted (old but love these)

Actually, before entering their store I thought Joe Fresh was pretty bland and catered to a way older demographic. I knew they had lots of color options, but at the same time so did American Apparel. Basically, I knew nothing because once I entered their store I was mesmerized and tried on everything and was shocked. Shocked in a good way because holy sh*t, everything was super stylish and affordable. Even the boyfriend found things he liked and lemme tell ya, he is one picky shopper. 

If you haven't gone, go. Also, this post is in no way, whatsoever sponsored by Joe Fresh - that's right I fell in love with their green moto jacket that I bought for $99 ($106 with NYC taxes) and decided to blog about this "Aha" moment. It'd be a sin to not share.

I was going to blog about the edgy outfit and perfect-for-Halloween Kersh skull shirt, but it's starting to get late so we'll save it for another day.

Photos by Victor Cerejo.

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