Wednesday, April 23, 2014

From Beach to Street in Zappos

Lipstick: Heatwave by Nars

Photos by Victor Cerejo.

My lunch breaks are spent perusing and shopping away for the new new on Zappos, so I was pretty ecstatic when I got the opportunity to partner up with, yup, Zappos to bring you my favorite spring look. I could get lost in their Style Room for hours on ends. You can get your favorite look and all in one place... and free shipping #YESPLEASE.

Lately I've been entranced by the magic of the one-piece and how effortlessly chic it looks. And in my honest opinion I think they're a pretty fun trend to try on for spring. Not to mention how much of a time-saver they are when it comes to those late-to-rise mornings. So naturally I fall hard for these life-savers and their je ne sais quoi. Just toss on some heels, a red lip, and take on the day. For those of you who are having second thoughts, try a on a black number. They're elegant and sexy all at the same time, find some here. For those of you smitten by the power of print try this ensemble from TWO by Vince Camuto and keep the accessories to a minimum. With prints these loud everything else needs to be at a "whisper" level. 

The best part about jumpsuits, you can dress them down or up. I was able to take this look from the beach, sans heels in the sand of course, and then hit the town for some touristy fun when in Santa Monica last week. For sure, a new favorite look of mine. 

How do you ladies feel about the jumpsuit trend?

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

.Cupcake Hustler.

Sweater: c/o Cupcake Mafia Shorts: Blank Denim (thrifted but love these)
Lipstick: Heatwave by Nars

Photos by Victor Cerejo.

Sweaters, sass, and sweet treats are like my thing. But seriously, sweaters are like my thing. Growing up I was banished from my father's closet since his usually walked away... into mine of course. I live, breathe, and sleep in them day after day. No lie. 

I was introduced to Cupcake Mafia and their dope line of shirts and sweaters. I grew up in a pretty urban city and these shirts, it might sound a bit corny, but it felt like home. Actually, is that weird? Regardless, I am a bonafide cupcake hustler now. Their sweaters and shirts get me, I mean come on and just check out this "Always Hungry, Never Thirsty" tee. Since I find myself wanting to be the best when it comes to work, I felt it was appropriate that I get their "Always #1 Never #2" Sweater. You like? 

Cupcake Mafia is a fresh company comprised of five rad ladies (y'all already know how much I love ladies in the game) and if you love cheeky fashion make sure you pop over to

Fun fact: when this sweater arrived it's entire package smelled of baked goods. And it's so insanely soft, it kind of feels like heaven is embracing my limbs. 

I'm in with the crew now, I'm a cupcake. 

Monday, April 21, 2014

BRB Gone Print Crazy

There's nothing I love more then wearing fun and vivacious pieces to give a little life to my outfits. From a bright lip to a quirky floral flock, being able to stand out in vivid hues is a must for any spring attire. And in the spirit of spring here are six printastic shoes for those "feet first" moments. 

I, myself, am relishing in lively printed slip-ons. Comfort at it's finest!

Friday, April 18, 2014

The Coachella Look - Day 3

Shirt: c/o Addison NY  Bracelets & Necklace (borrowed): Dara Senders
Shorts: Blank Denim (thrifted but love these) SandalsShoemint Sunglasses: Madewell (under $60!!)
Lipstick: Heatwave by Nars

Photos by Victor Cerejo.

With day three comes the finale of a magical weekend spent with my sis and besties. Day three is also known for being the day you go big or go home... or at least that's what festival attendants told me upon entering the grounds. And like a good girl, I did what I was told. 

With perfect weather and a less intense day of running from stage to stage, the last day could be considered as my most glam day out of the bunch. I mean there really is no such thing as glamming up for Coachella with the amount of elements a girl has to endure but I did my best in clothing that would withstand the sweat, heat, sand, and delicious beats. And by clothing I mean a top from Addison NY, sturdy denim (with frilly flowers) of course. Let us not forget that bit of sparkle from Dara Senders. Besides what else do you drape a New York City girl in when at Coachella?

On the last day I also converted my Ventura backpack from The Sak into a messenger bag. It's versatility during the festival has proven itself over and over again to be a festival essential. I was able to go hands-free during uptempo beats to a crossbody when the occasion presented itself, and all within a heartbeat. If any of you are looking for a festival chic carry-all, be sure to check out their leather backpacks and the range of colors they come in. 

Although I hate to say it, that's the end of my Coachella looks. Until next year Indio!!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Coachella Look - Day 2 in Addison NY

Shirt: c/o Addison NY  Bracelets (borrowed): Dara Senders
Shorts: Levi's via Urban Outfitters SandalsShoemint Sunglasses: Asos
Lipstick: Heatwave by Nars

Photos by Victor Cerejo.

The 2nd day of Coachella was the most intense in my honest opinion. It had the best line-up (back to back to back) and an unexpected sand storm. Nearly everyone had their faces covered up with handkerchiefs to protect themselves from all the sand flying around... so yes maybe I did see Leonardo DiCaprio dancing at MGMT or maybe it was just another fan. I will never truly know. 

To deal with the intense desert heat, less is more which is why I decided to wear this mesh top from Addison NY. The cotton fabric and mesh paneling kept me cool all throughout my daytime dancing sessions and my armparty had the right amount of bling to not feel daunted in the fierce sun. This was my most casual of my looks and one I'll return to for my next festival since I felt comfortable enough to take on an entire day of fun.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Coachella Look - Day 1

Lace Shirt: Forever 21 (similar here Necklace: c/o Dara Senders  Bracelets (borrowed): Dara Senders
Bodysuit: c/o Les Lunes Jeans: Blank Denim (thrifted) Ella Espadrille: c/o The Sak Ventura Backpack: c/o The Sak
Lipstick: Heatwave by Nars

Photos by Victor Cerejo.

Just like that Coachella came and went... A little too fast in my opinion. Thankfully, my boyfriend captured my outfits for each day we were living the desert dream. This would be my third time frollicking through Palm Springs and swimming through pool parties, and I gotta say it gets better every time. This time around was a bit more special. I was able to work with some really amazing brands to create the ultimate festival look. 

A must for any festival is a sleek carry-all and rough and tumble footwear. For both of these I went with The Sak for their California crafted look and chic simplicity. The backpack also converts to a messenger bag for when I want to switch things up a bit. 

For the much needed arm party (always gotta have an arm party when in Coachella) and desert statement jewels I opted for Dara Senders. The earthy pieces stood out amongst the crowds and glistened during each and every sunset. 

If any of you are headed out West or any festival in general, give The Sak and Dara Senders a try for your must-have essentials when having the time of your life. Because, let's face it Instagrams live forever and we might as well look our very best while mucking it out. 

Oh, and still not adjusted to the time change yet again, womp womp.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Classic in Capwell+Co

Scarf: Vintage (but love this Necklace (borrowed): Capwell+Co  Rings (borrowed): Capwell+Co/Capwell+Co
Shirt: Marc Jacobs Jeans: AllSaints Shoes: Joie via DSW (these are super cute too!)
Lipstick: Heatwave by Nars

Photos by Lydia Hudgens.

Happy Monday! I hope the majority of you did not have a late morning start like I did. Lately, it's been harder and harder to wake up and get my morning runs and blogging in. I guess my body is still not adjusted to this time change, so please excuse my late-in-the-day posts. Also, I can't believe it's April already, time is just flying by. Which is kind of a good thing because in two days I'll be in Indio Valley having fun in Coachella.

I'll saturate your feeds with Coachella news later (aka tomorrow), but for now let's talk Capwell+Co. A few weeks ago I was able to take a look at Capwell+Co's new spring line, it's all sorts of amazing. They offer the latest styles in jewelry and everything is priced under $100. If you haven't already you should take a look at their latest spring releases here. I also got to pick a few pieces to style this look, which I'll name Audrey Hepburn en EspaƱol. This is probably my chicest look to date and I love how everything from the oxfords to the statement bling fell into place.

Hope you love the look as much as I had fun styling it. 

P.s. Make sure you follow me on Instagram for my Coachella adventures!