Hustle Hard but Relax Harder | The Perfect Recipe for Binge-Watching the Queen of the South

I have a confession to make. Every Thursday night I toss aside any work or blog obligations, prep my favorite drink, make my lazy-girl snack, and bring over a few masks and hunker down on my couch. Okay, so maybe not such a huge confession but with the amount of hustling that happens behind the scenes here I can at times feel guilty for treating myself to a Queen of the South on USA Network.


I was first drawn to the series because of its Latina heroine and the healthy dose of spoken Spanish throughout. But my favorite thing about the show is how there’s an underlying message coming from the heroine, Teresa Mendoza – she chooses to never play the victim and refuses to let her gender tell her what she can and can’t do. The action-packed crime drama makes for a good binge watching too!

See the trailer for yourself!

Now if you haven’t started watching, stop what you’re doing and let’s make that a thing of the past. You won’t be able to stop at one episode so let’s get you situated with my no-fail (extremely easy) recipes for the binge-watching Queen of the South.

Lemonade-Pom Spritzer
This sweet mocktail is perfect for those that want to unwind without a glass of wine. But, it’s also great if you prefer something with a kick, simply add in your preferred amount of vodka and voila! This recipe makes about 8-12 servings.


You'll Need

1 8oz. bottle of pomegranate juice
1 can of frozen lemonade concentrate
1 two liter bottle of gingerale (you can substitute seltzer too)
1 lemon for garnishing

In one large pitcher, pour in the pomegranate juice. Add in the lemonade concentrate. Next pour in half of the gingerale, and mix all of the ingredients. Continue to pour in the remaining gingerale and mix. Serve over ice and garnish with a lemon slice. 

Queen of the South Veronica. gif

Savory Rosemary and Parmesan Popcorn
When it’s too hot to bake my tried and true chickpea recipe I turn to the next (and adequately) healthy lazy-girl snack. Don’t worry, you won’t burn the popcorn but you will find yourself garnishing popcorn from now on.

Savory Rosemary and Parmesan Popcorn recipe.jpg

You'll Need

½ cup of kernels
¼ cup of olive oil
crushed rosemary
1 large garlic clove, smashed
garlic salt (to taste)
black pepper (to taste)
¼ cup of parmesan cheese


In a medium size saucepan, add 1 teaspoon of rosemary and smashed garlic. Add in the olive oil and set to low heat. Add in garlic salt and black pepper to taste – don’t go overboard because you’ll be able to season your popcorn later on too.

After 15 minutes add the kernels. Monitor the kernels and once the popping starts to slow down turn off the heat. Once the last kernel has popped or popping has halted, remove from the saucepan and transfer to a large bowl. Garnish popcorn with a sprinkling of more crushed rosemary, garlic salt, black pepper, and the Parmesan cheese. Mix the contents and enjoy!

Now that we have the food and drinks covered, it’s time to move onto the masking portion of the night. Lately, my winning combination has been a clay mask followed by a moisturizing one. The key here is making commercials work for you – slather on and wash off when the commercials hit the screen. You’ll finish each episode with gorgeous skin and ammo to take on the next day.


There you have my no-fail recipe for binge watching or simply unwinding with my favorite on-screen hustler. And if you end up falling asleep on the couch… I won’t judge you. Just don’t spoil any episodes and we’re good.

Watch USA Network’s Queen of the South, every Thursday at 10/9 central.


Back at Governor's Ball | How to Do a Festival the Right Way

It's my absolute favorite time of year... Festival Season. I kicked off the circuit of concerts and late night dance marathons with Subway at New York City's Gov Ball. It was one for the books y'all.

As I posted up behind my laptop and thought back to my very first Governor's Ball (Gov Ball's second year in action) I figured why not share a few things I learned along the way.

subway insta recap post.jpg

1. Public Transportation is Your Friend
I learned this the hard way. Every. Single. Time. Realize that if you do decide to drive there know that you’ll probably be sitting in traffic for a good two hours. Don’t do that; instead embrace the MTA’s offering of a quick bus ride to the island from Harlem. Or if you’re a Queen’s native and wish to avoid the long bus lines, $6.50 bus ride, or subway ride through the city here’s the alternative:

  • Getting there: Take the M60 in Queens towards Harlem. Get off at the first stop and walk the RFK Bridge. It’s a 10 – 15 minute walk and then you’re there.
  • Getting back: Walk the RFK Bridge back towards Harlem and take the M60 back. It’s the first block off the bridge. You’ll be back in Queens in no time.

2. Mind over Matter (on the RFK Bridge)
This is for my Queens kids! You know who you are. This bridge is 30-minute walk and incredibly hard when the sun is beaming on you and even harder when you're crossing it after spending all day at Gov Ball. Just know that you CAN do this. Plus, this a great time to grab a snack before heading into the festival. Psst… There’s a Subway at the start of the RFK bridge.

3. Comfortable Shoes
By now, it should be drilled into your head that there’s going to be a lot of walking. Wear shoes that give you the comfort and support you’ll need from AM to PM. Because honey, you don’t want to be that person who walks home barefoot. These sneakers are my go-to’s time after time.

4. It Will Rain
They don’t call it Mud Ball for nothing. Always pack a disposable poncho. And maybe bring out the tough all-weather boots for those rainy days. I lucked out with two gorgeous days but by Sunday, Mother Nature’s raindrops made a guest appearance.  


5. Don't Forget to Check Out the Pop Ups!
Subway had an amazing pop-up at Governor’s Ball. Once inside I was greeted with a blast of refreshing cold air, a delicious (and free) sandwich of my choice + beverage, and free wifi (so vital when on Randall’s). I must have gone to hang out at Subway's Green Room five times per day since they made the space so inviting: cute outdoor seating area, hammocks, and a constant ongoing game of huge Jenga.

Oh, they also saved my butt with their charging stations. I know they’re headed to Bonnaroo this weekend so if you’re there make sure to stop by and subYAY with them.

6. Stay Hydrated
You’ll be in the sun all day so make sure you stay hydrated. Trust me when I say it’s hella easy to forget to sip on H2O when you’re having fun, but if you want to avoid that dehydration hangover it's best to bring an empty water bottle. There are free water stations everywhere (and usually most music festivals) so you'll be able to quench your thrist easily.


8. Have Fun
Be nice to one another, look after one another, smile a little, dance with strangers. Remember, you’re there for one reason – to have fun!

P.s. Click here to read my survival tips for FireFly Music Festival.


Huge thanks to Subway for inviting me to their Green Room at Governor's Ball. Today's post was in collaboration with them. As always, all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make this blog possible!

Bliss List for the Busy Gal

Am I the only one that felt like this month flew past? It honestly feels like it’s been work, eat, sleep and repeat from Mondays through Fridays on this end. Thank goodness for the weekends and for the occasional and unexpected downtime otherwise I wouldn’t know how to (a) do my errands and (b) indulge in a little bit of me time.

For month’s that are as insanely busy as this one’s, every little bit of me time has to be precise and straight to the point.


Here are a few of my tried and true favorite ways to unwinds along with brands that always come to the rescue when I feel like I might be drowning:

1. Bloom Mineral – like a spa, but at home!
I love a good facial as much as the next girl but squeezing one in (and footing the bill) can be a little tough. But Bloom Mineral makes it easy for anyone with their 4 piece kit and easy steps. The kit includes their Softening Cleansing Milk (wash with this first), Mud Mask (apply generously and relax while it works), then rinse and moisturize your skin + eyes with their Moisture Shield and Eye Cream.

Head over to and use skin25 for 25% off your first 2 purchases. Ends June 30, 2017.


2. Hot Water with Lemon – it never fails + detoxes your body
I first wrote about the benefits of drinking hot water with lemon here but as a refresher, this drink helps to flush out all the toxins and relieves indigestion. It’s also great for your skin.


3. Clear Eyes Pure Relief Multi-Symptom – keep those peepers clear!
Anyone else suffering from allergies or dry lenses? My eyes are so red and dry from the pollen it’s only fair that I give my eyes relief when unwinding. I’m a fan of these preservative free eye drops that come in a multi-dose bottle (at retail in the US); they relieve red eyes and seasonal irritants along with keeping my eyes moisturized all day long. As a contact lens wearer, this small bottle is in my pockets year round.

Get a $3 coupon here and learn more about the drops here.

4. HeadSpace – clear your mind wherever you are!
This is a relatively new app but saw its ads on the subway for a bit. One day I finally bit the bullet and gave it a try. It takes 5 to 10 minutes to meditate (do this while masking with Bloom Mineral!) and leads to a sense of calm in your head. Try it - it’s free!

5. Nad’s – fast & painless
As a busy gal with a budget on a time constraint, I do lots of my own hair removal at home. I tried all of the drugstore brands and found that Nads works the fastest (all you need is four minutes) without irritating my sensitive skin. As for the scent, it’s on the pleasant side.

Learn more about Nad’s here!


6. Coobie – like a bra but better!
As I’ve gotten older, I made a choice to stop being uncomfortable. I got rid of most of my wire bras and traded up for seamless, soft bralettes. Unfortunately, there are days when I need to support the girls a little more but when I’m done, I come straight home and change into a Coobie. The straps are adjustable and the stretchy lace guarantees you’ll feel secure but not strapped in.

Sizes range from Small to Large in a variety of colors. Check it out at

Now that I’m almost done with this post, it’s time for me to follow steps one through six and unwind myself. Let me know if there’s anything you would add on too!

Today's post has been sponsored by on behalf of Single Edition Media. As always, all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make this blog possible!