It's Banana!

I have some bad news and some good news. Good news is that I'm finally sharing my first look since the accident. The bad news is that it took over a month to get this look on the blog. And if you were wondering about the hair - it's still very blond.


We have so much ground to cover since my last spring style post, but I wanted to touch base on my new job. Yep, I started a new job only days after fracturing my wrist. How I managed to meet deadlines, find a new apartment, and move with one working arm is beyond me. 

I'm not really sure what I can and can't say about where I work now, but let's just say I'm loving it. Every day, I'm excited to work. It's a feeling I haven't had since working in production.

I will admit I did get a bit of culture shock when I first started. I come from a very creative office setting where nearly anything could be worn so I had to make a few wardrobe adjustments. Enter and their repertoire of office-ready (and super cute) dresses.


Dress: c/o Banana Republic  Sandals: Madewell  ClutchOra Delphine  Necklace: Sterling Forever  Rings: Assorted  Lipgloss: Plumsup via Soap & Glory

It's safe to say my closet is stocked with some new BR goodies. And since I've been inspired by the change in scenery, you'll most likely see a few office-approved looks on the blog. But let's not get too ahead of ourselves and instead focus on this gorgeous maxi I found on their site. It has since been sold out but they do still have some fun options here.  

For the office, I'd probably switch out the sandals for closed-toe shoes but this cute look has made its round at brunches, dates, and of course baby showers (since everyone I know is pregnant). Either way, this dress isn't getting retired any time soon.

Photos by Lydia Hudgens.

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Skincare 101: Best Cleansers to Use Everyday

Want to hear a funny story? Although I was unable to thoroughly clean my face with both hands (sad right?) my advice was still sought when friends needed guidance on upgrading their vanities.

Not only did I feel needed when I felt useless, I was inspired to dive deeper into the pillars of skincare. Think of it as my version of Cliff Notes. It might not come as a surprise that I am very into the act of layering so for the sake of simplicity let’s start with the first step, a cleanser that can take off the day without leaving your skin feeling tight and dry. Over the past year, I’ve collected lots of face washes and tried even more – here are five that I find myself going back to over and over again.


Burt’s Bees Cleansing Oil
Exactly a year ago, I walked into a Target, picked up this cleansing oil and never looked back. Well, I did try other cleansers, but this has been my ride or die since then. The oil-based cleanser has never stripped my skin of moisture but has removed the most stubborn of liquid lipsticks and waterproof mascaras. The fact that it’s 99% natural is a bonus. Insider tip: Because of its relaxing scent, it’s best to use this at night so you’ll easily be lulled to sleep.

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Pixi Glow Mud Cleanser
For the days my acne flares up (normally around my lady time) I reach for this gentle clay cleanser. It purifies pores, exfoliates with Glycolic Acid, and doesn’t leave skin feeling tight. For times I need a little extra help to get rid of stubborn spots I simply leave the cleanser on for a few extra minutes – kind of like a mask.

Benton Honest Cleansing Foam
Sometimes my skin just needs a breather from it all. On those days my skin goes bare (sans the SPF) and I reach for this gentle cleansing foam at night. A little bit goes a long way and does a great job at getting all the gunk off. I do recommend getting a sample of this cleanser first before diving headfirst since it's not great for those with dry skin. (Insider tip: skip the morning cleanse when you’re on a skin break and rinse your face with cool water instead).

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Osea Ocean Cleanser
After discovering this brand through Pearlesque, I’ve become more than obsessed with the line. The all-natural line doesn’t strip my skin of moisture and instead replenishes my skin with minerals, algae, and vitamins. The end result is hydrated and dewy skin. Highly recommend this line for those looking into vegan skincare.

Nuxe Micellar Foam Cleanser
Alrighty, unlike Osea this Nuxe cleanser is definitely not for those with sensitive skin. It’s very fragrant so it might cause more damage than good. But, that’s really what I love about it. It gives me the sensation of rinsing my face in rose water. And I love anything with rose because – why not? The foam cleanser does use micellar cleansing water so it’s amazing at taking the day off yet still maintaining your skin’s PH balance (i.e. very soft and hydrated).

Now that we’re on this magical skincare journey together, let me know if you decide to give any of these a go and how you loved it. AND, if there are any cleansers you think I need to try, drop me a comment down below.

The Essentials: August 2016

Sometimes things are so out of your control you just gotta step back and let it pass. That's basically what I did the last three months - wait for it to pass, heal some more, and take care of my pup (who is also healing from an emergency surgery).

Instead of stressing over my blog and lack of posts, I decided to take a hiatus from all things blog-related. Honestly, it was the best thing to do mentally and physically. And yes, I burned so many bridges but I finally feel stable enough. (Which is way better than half-assing my content).

It's been a while and I have so MUCH to tell you!! Let's get started with my monthly faves.


Hair: Last month, I went blonde. Very blonde. Change is good and sometimes necessary after having a few rugged months. No regrets at all. Surprisingly, my curls came out unscathed but they are a little on the dry side more than ever. I've been on the Olaplex diet ever since but have found a pretty close alternative for those weeks I can't afford to splurge. The StriVectin Hair Ultimate Restore Deep Repair Mask is gentle on my colored hair but strong enough to give it vibrancy and increased softness.

Face: Skinn, a skincare line started by an industry veteran, is one of my favorite go-to brands when traveling abroad. I also implement a few of their pieces into my day-to-day as needed. The ones shown in images 7-9 above are my current favorites - especially their Hylighten Under-Eye Treatment. The cool to touch feeling is welcomed during these dog days of summer. Another favorite when it concerns the eyes is the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer. The sponge applicator mimics the BeautyBlender so it's incredibly easy to blend and quickly hides late-night adventures.

Misc: I started my NYC Marathon training last month (crazy - right?) but before that, I wanted to train in a new pair of sneakers. You know, just to see if I should stick with what works or go with something new. I have heard of the Brooks GTS and finally got to test them out at an event. My flat feet were delighted by the support the lightweight sneakers gave. It's been three weeks so far and I haven't looked back.

Another great essential, the Krazy Coupon Lady app. Alright, hear me out because I know this sounds totally random. Ever since my move and the addition of two insane medical bills, I've been pinching pennies however and whenever. The more I pinch, the more I can pay towards the bills, and of course the more can go towards my "summer weekend funds". This is where the Krazy Coupon Lady app comes into play. It's run by a community and a great team of savvy savers and they give ALL of the hacks. I'm talking coupons and loyalty cards cocktails which make for incredible savings.

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