Skin Care 101: Best Face Mists for Every Moment

Misting has to be my favorite skin care step ever. It’s kind of crazy to think back to when to when I used to strip the moisture from my face with toners - belch!

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The beauty behind face mists (and the reason why I love them oh-so-much) is that they can be used for a multitude of reasons. Anywhere from removing leftover creamy cleanser residue, repairing the skin’s barrier and plumping it up with nutrients to most importantly - hydration! No need for the water boy when you got a face mist in your back pocket. Or bathroom cabinet. Or night stand. Or… Well, you got the picture.

Find the right mister and it can balance moisture and pH levels which means dewy skin until night fall.

I tend to lean towards products that contain aloe or rose water and try to stay as far away as possible from products that contain high levels of alcohol or fragrance.

Below, are a few of my all-time favorites that keep me sane, sexy, and succulent.


Caudalíe’s Beauty Elixir
I broke my misting virginity with Caudalíe and never looked back. Even had a brief moment of feeling Parisian and cooler than my peers. It was pretty fun. I will call out that it’s heavily scented and probably not the best for those with sensitive skin. However, the heavenly scent of grape, bitter orange flower, and rose puts it on the “exception” list. Recommend using this mist in your AM skin care routine or as a quick pick-me-up.

Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist
Makeup by Mario (because I only know him by his Instagram handle) and his muse Kim Kardashian swear by this product. It’s hydrating, light, and the super-fine sprayer applies the formula evenly in two spritzes. It honestly keeps your skin dewy and luminous all day long. As for me, it’s a constant in my beauty bag and always a re-buy. The price is a little steep but I’ve been purchasing the travel size to make it hurt a little less. Recommend as a primer before makeup or to set makeup.

Avene Thermal Spring Water
This has to be the OG when it comes to a mist that will calm, soothe, and soften skin. It’s ideal for those that have sensitive skin as well (aka stock up on this guy!). As for me, I love using it especially after an intense workout to help minimize redness. Recommend for all routines, after workouts and during travel.

Juice Press Rose Water Mist
If you’re wondering what Juice Press is doing on this list, let me just say I was even more confused when they sent me a bottle to try. After all, they’ve never been one to play in the skin care space but it does make sense they would release a product using only the highest quality ingredients. As an FYI, rose water contains vitamins A, C, E, and B along with anti-inflammatory properties and is high in antioxidants. Recommend using this mist in your AM skin care routine or on-the-go (or both as the price point is great).


Botanics Rosewater Toning Spritz
Botanics has a few standout stars within the drugstore aisle with this being one of them. The sprayer releases a lot of product so I’ve been using this after cleansing at night to remove the last traces of makeup. Pro-tip, spritz product generously allover your face and then use a cotton pad to swipe off the product/old makeup. Recommend using this in your PM skin care routine.

Pixi Skintreats Glow Mist
This mist would probably be best for those with dry skin or for use during the arid winter months. Shake well before use and mist all over for a dewy effect. Since this product contains Argan oil, along with 21 natural oils plus propolis and aloe vera, you consider skipping a serum or face oil - but to each their own. Recommend using this in your AM skin care routine and to set makeup.

Supergoop's Defense Refresh Setting Mist SPF 50
Ever since I entered my 30s my age has consistently been questioned, to which I always respond with, “sunscreen baby”. I’ll never understand why my friends choose to forgo it but Supergoop has honestly made it so EASY to incorporate it into any part of your skin care or make up routine. May I present you a setting mist that can be used before makeup application, provides UV defense, and keeps shine at bay. The formula is also water- and sweat-resistance. Recommend using this as a setting spray and throughout the day.


Tata Harper’s Hydrating Floral Essence
This has to be another re-buy favorite! The lightweight formula contains hyaluronic acid and humectants to plump and hydrate skin. Their website states there’s “9 sources of plumping hydration, 6 sources to smooth and soften skin texture, and 7 sources to minimize the look of wrinkles.” The gorgeous bottle is an added bonus. Recommend using this as a mid-day spray.

Glossier Soothing Face Mist
Emily Weiss did good, real good, when she launched her face mist in Glossier’s initial skincare launch. I tried this when she first released this to the wide web and love the rosewater and aloe which keeps skin smooth and hydrated. Recommend using this for on the go, travel, or gym bag - the plastic bottle won’t break! Click here to get $10 off your purchase.

June Jacobs Neroli Hydrating Mist
This paraben and perservative free revitalizing mist contains neroli oil along with a few other noteworthy extracts. As an FYI, neroli oil has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties means it’s amazing for oily and blemished skin. Recommend using this in your AM / PM skin care routine.

Herbivore Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist
This Instagram star has made waves in the skin care space. It has a natural base of organic coconut water and is infused with Hibiscus flower extracts and rose water. It’s also natural, vegan, and cruelty-free. It’s pretty expensive but find peace in knowing this brand will never use fillers in their products. Recommend using this in your AM skin care routine after cleansing.

Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist
Last but not least, Jurlique’s mist contains rose oil, marshmallow, and aloe which is designed to help improve skin tone, moisture levels, and skin balance. This does contain alcohol and fragrance so I wouldn’t recommend it to those with dry or sensitive skin. However, I really do love the strong scent of rose in it. Recommend using this in your AM / PM skin care routine.

Okay, so I tried to keep this list to 10 and under but like I said, I love face mists. If I didn’t convert you yet, know that they can used in the AM, as a primer, on-the-go hydration, and even help lull one to bed. Let me know what you think in the comments, below!

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Currently Trending: Beach Waves for Fall

Today's post was created in collaboration with Bed Head by TIGI and Her Campus Media. As always, all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make this blog possible!

Summer has come and gone but it’s no secret that I like to rollover my hairstyles into fall. Give me healthy, glossy beach waves any time of the year!

aileen olmedo new york city lifestyle blogger on fall hair style trends

Are you wondering why beach waves?

Well, after going through a few bouts of Alopecia (which I’ll share more on later) I’ve been embracing the style since it helps hide the awkward lengths happening around my head. Don’t worry, it’ll all even out eventually but it takes time.

aileen olmedo new york city beauty blogger best hair products for waves curly hair

Bed Head by TIGI sent me their line of all-star styling products so I tested it out for a few weeks. (Want to make sure I can give you my honest opinion ya know.)

So far, I’ve been loving the below picks and must add (since I’ve worked in advertising) that the branding and packaging is so fun. I’ve been able to extend my styles from 4 days to a full week while keeping my mane frizz-free throughout the humidity.

My Top Picks:

aileen olmedo hair blogger shares best hair products from Ulta

You can find all of my favorites at your local Ulta. AND, if you’re in New York City make sure to visit the Ulta on 86th street in the UES. It’s gigantic!

What hairstyles and products are you leaning on this fall?

Always on The Go Personal Essentials

Today's post was created in collaboration with and Simply Summer’s Eve®. As always, all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make this blog possible!

Photo by Lydia Hudgens.

Photo by Lydia Hudgens.

This has definitely been the year of travel for me. It feels like every other weekend I've been scurrying off to another state or packing my bags to experience a new side of Europe. It's been fun but at the same time, a little hard to always feel fresh. Same can be said for days when I'm settled in NYC but on the go to gym classes, meetings and outings with the crew.

However, I did notice a few essentials that I tend to keep stocked for those days and trips when I want to feel my best - confidence is key baby!

  • CC+ Cream - I found this type of foundation provides the coverage I like without the mess of a liquid foundation
  • Highlighter - a good glow can make a day 100x times better
  • Balm - it can be used on your lips, hands, cuticles and anywhere you're feeling a bit dry
  • Hair Oil - to revive my dried out, damaged curls 
  • Simply Summer’s Eve® Cleansing Cloths - comes in individual packets that are perfect for girls on the go
whats in my bag.JPG

I'm going to be completely transparent and say that yes, talking about personal care is kind of taboo but the only way to make something less taboo is to talk about it more, so let’s talk about it! ::multiple hand clap emojis::

I've been using Simply Summer's Eve® Cleansing Cloths on and off for a few different reasons: before my waxing appointment, after gym class when showers are non-existent, heavy flow days, freakishly long flights - you get the picture.

I love feeling confidently fresh and appreciate the discreet packaging. And in case you’re wondering, as I did, their gentle formula won’t irritate skin. They’ve also been clinically and gynecologist tested for safety. You can find out more on

They have a few scents, Mandarin Blossom, Cucumber Lily and Coconut Water, which both won awards from Real Simple.

What essentials do you keep your bag stocked with?