Photo by  Lauren Listor .

Photo by Lauren Listor.

Hi! I’m Aileen, welcome to my life & style blog.

I’m a twenty-something native New Yorker and an ex-model (maybe you've seen me in Teen Vogue or W magazine). I have an extensive background in film and reality television (even assisted talent and stylists, and styled a few music videos on my own) before transitioning into the fun world of creative advertising. Yep, I always had a penchant for storytelling and all things creative, which is where my blog comes into play.

The Style Boro is a blog with focuses on my personal style while exploring NYC's culture and the hidden gems in it. Here you'll find things to do across all five boroughs and a heavy dose of outfit inspiration.

Here's a few more FAQ:

Are you really from NYC? 100% - I was born and raised in Jackson Heights, went to high school in Astoria, college in the city, and am now living in Brooklyn. If any of you know of any rent-stabilized apartments in Queens, please email me (for serious).

I'm going to NYC, any advice? Look over these very entertaining tips here and check out my "Things to do in NYC" series here. And remember, when it comes to the subways - always offer your seat to the elderly, disabled and pregnant.

Any pets? Yep, two actually. A cat named Bear and a blind dachshund who goes by Miles.

What's your style like? Downtown vibes with an unexpected dose of color.

Any style icons you're inspired by? Debbie Harry, Anna Karina (on screen and off), and Kate Moss.

How tall are you? I'm 5'10".

Are you Asian? Nope, my family hails from the Dominican Republic and México. 

So, you studied films - favorite directors? Minnelli's melodramatic films, Jonze for his use of color, Jean Luc Godard for breaking rules, Alfred Hitchcock for creating suspense, and Federico Fellini for his fantastical imagination. 

When did you start blogging? October 2008 and still going strong.

Any tips for a newbie blogger? Although I wouldn't consider myself a pro, there are a few things I learned along the way and from the advertising perspective - see that series here.

What exactly is your day job? Social media advertising for major lifestyle, fashion, beauty brands.

What camera do you use? How do you edit your photos? A canon t2i, my iphone and whatever camera is available from my friend's production office. I use Photoshop and VSCO Cam (highly recommend) to edit the shots. 

Do you do sponsored post or brand partnerships? Only if they are aligned with mine and my readers' interests. That means I only partner with brands that I truly like and you will always know if something was received courtesy of (c/o) a brand or if it was a paid collaboration - opinions on my blog are always my own. In addition to sponsored content, I use affiliate links for products I love, which earns me a small commission on sales.


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