Five Friday Favorites

These five favs revolve around one common theme, travel. My sister and I will be heading out to uncharted territory in less than three months, and I honestly can't wait.


1. Eva NYC Freshen Up Dry Shampoo
I'm no longer a newbie when it comes to dry shampoo. In fact the cabinet underneath my sink is filled to the brim with Eva's dry shampoo. It has helped me extend blown and braided hairstyles live to see a few more days. As for sopping up oil... It's all grease be gone, you're no longer wanted here. I purchased a travel size one to help look refreshed after my flight, yay! Hopefully I can bring it in my carry-on.


2. Kissables Lavender Infused Fluffy Socks
Here's the backstory, twice a week I give myself a foot massage, slather on thick moisturizing cream, pull on a pair of socks and fall asleep. The next day I wake up with the pretty soft feet. Well, these socks basically took my moisturizing game to the next level with even softer feet. I've been so obsessed with how soothing these socks and highly recommend them to anyone who spends a lot of time on their feet or travels a lot.


3. Birchbox June Box (Say Yes)
You guys must know by now how much I love samples and miniature things in general. Birchbox was kind enough to send me a Birchbox (or is it BirchBox?) and I loved all of the samples. A few favorites that I'll be saving for my trip in September are: bliss triple oxygen™ instant energizing mask and Egyptian Magic Skin Cream. Both will come in handy for that extra-long flight.


4. PurseN Jewelry Case
I had a PurseN handbag organizer but donated it. I'm more of a backpackin' gal so figured someone else could make better use of it. If you're a handbag lady - you'd probably appreciate how easy this would make life. I do love the entire concept of PurseN - anything that includes organization makes me happy - and went browsing through their site. I came upon this jewelry case and knew it would ease my travel woes when it came to jewelry. There are so many compartments and it's compact which is perfect for my carry-on luggage.

5. Hitha's Blog - Hitha on the Go
I'm a frequent reader of Hitha's blog and love the great travel tips and articles she produces. Maybe I'm fan-girling but if you haven't heard of her blog, jump over to her site - it's so impressive! Hitha is a frequent traveler so if there is anyone I can learn from it's her. This article on prepping for long trips and how to sleep in-flight are bookmarked for my next adventure.

What are your current Friday Favorites? Tell me about it in the comments.