One Week in Ireland

Hi there! I’m Liz from @thecrewedinterest! This past spring break I left the states for the first time and visited my friend abroad in Cork, Ireland. I had an absolutely amazing time and wanted to share my adventure with you. If ever in Europe, you should definitely take the time to visit these beautiful spots in Ireland:


We took a twenty minute train to Cobh (pronounced like Cove), where we saw the port where the Titanic left and visited the Titanic Experience. Another great place of interest is the Deck of Cards Houses - where each house is a different color.


After Cobh, we went to the Jameson Factory for an interesting tour. Here you will learn about the history of Jameson Whiskey and see how it's made. The best part of the tour is the end - taste-test three types of whiskey and get a complimentary drink. I recommend Jameson and ginger-ale if you're not a whiskey person. Don't forget to stop at their gift shop for some really cool souvenirs! 
Jameson Irish Whiskey

The next day happened to be St. Patrick's Day where they celebrated with a huge parade. Families and friends gathered in pubs where there was live music and Irish step dancing on the tables. It was much different from St. Patty's in New York (less drinking more culture) and was an experience I will always remember.


On day four, we climbed to the top of the Shandon Bell’s Tower where we had a beautiful view of all of Cork. We also saw University of Cork, where my friend was studying for the semester. It felt like I was at Hogwarts. After that, we took a bus to Blarney Castle where we kissed the Blarney Stone. This tradition will give you the gift of gab, however, it was pretty terrifying.
Blarney Castle


Day five had to be my favorite. We took an all day bus tour to the Cliffs of Moher. This place literally took my breath away and left me feeling one with nature. As we kept walking, the sun came out to play from the fog and the view was crystal clear. This place is a can't miss if you're visiting Ireland.
Cliffs of Moher


On Friday, I went to the second most spectacular place (after the Cliffs of Moher), which is called the Ring of Kerry. It is a combination of mountains, beaches, and plains. There were more sheep here than people, so don't go here if you are afraid of sheep! We ate dinner at a restaurant that had a spectacular view. On our way home, we passed a rainbow where our tour guide allowed us to get out and snap a photo.
Ring of Kerry

Ireland is a beautiful country where there is so much history and sights to see. I'd love to go back someday, but until then keep up with me over on Instagram (@thecrewedinterest).