Who's That Girl?

Told ya guys I am still very blond. And very much loving every second of it. I'm still getting adjusted to seeing myself in the mirror (who's that girl?) but at the end of the day, I'm really happy about going lighter.


A month ago, my hair stylist warned me about a feeling that wouldn't be so fleeting. As she applied the first brush stroke of bleach she mentioned how it would change everything - I'd possibly start opting for red glosses, feel more confident in bolder colors, and stand a little taller when waiting for the train. Or I would hate the drastic change and cry my eyes out.


My mood latched onto the former. I feel a billion times more confident with my new 'do and find myself wanting to explore the uncharted when it comes to beauty and accessories. And heels that never saw the light of day finally got a chance to go outside and play. (By the way, these from Harley-Davidson make my heart pitter-patter and they're comfy AF). I honestly wake up excited every day to get dressed and done up.

It's definitely good timing too -- because as I say it's better to be the better looking one when running into a failed (read: horrible) Tinder date on the E train.


Dress: c/o W by Worth  Boots: Harley-Davidson  BackpackLANY  Rings: Assorted  Watch: Q&Q SmileSolar  Lipgloss: 22 via Kylie Cosmetics  Hair Transformation: Chereen from Fox & Jane

A few of the accessories, I've discovered (pre-ATV accident and really latched onto) is this brand called Q&Q SmileSolar. The quirky watch brand boasts a colorful array of bands and faces to match every mood imaginable. Unless, you're not into smiling or good times. To be honest, I really love watches but once the battery dies then so does the act of wearing it out. Luckily for my wrists (yes, even the broken one), Q&Q watches are all powered by sunlight. They're also water-resistant and the band is uber comfortable.

As how I accessorize my face, I've fallen very deep into Kylie's Lip Kit #22 and may actually finish it before the summer's end.

Photos by Lydia Hudgens.

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