Inside My Relaxing Rituals

Normally, when everything is so out of funk for me the best ritual that keeps me sane is putting pen to paper and just free-writing. The next best thing would be going out for a run. All I would need is a few minutes or a few hours to start feeling like my best self again.

Now imagine being told to not write or run, amongst other things. I honestly felt so lost for a few long weeks. And trust me, I tried writing (it looked like shit and hurt like hell) and then I tried running (but couldn't fit a sports bra over my head let alone tie my shoes). Feeling like a fish out of water I started researching a few ways or things to feel more at ease when everything was feeling uneasy. That's when I read up on rituals and started implementing the below things into my everyday life:

1. Starting My Day with Warm Lemon Water
As soon as I'm awake, I make myself a warm cup of lemon water. It's the first thing that enters my system and detoxifies my body. On days I'm feeling under the weather, the next magical ingredient is honey. I swear this healthy habit has helped me feel hydrated and tends to set the tone on what I eat. I'm also pretty positive it's one of the main reasons I've haven't gotten sick (yet). Here are 7 more reasons to add this to your daily routine.

2. Read (AM + PM)
While I'm waiting for my hot lemon water to cool off, I take a seat on my couch and read a couple of pages of whatever I'm reading. (The last few months I've been reading this great book called We Are Not Ourselves by Matthew Thomas). Knowing myself and my profession - I'll be on my phone and laptop all day so this really gives me a chance to have a no-screens moment. At night, it's sort of the same deal. No screens forty-five minutes before bed so I'll usually dive into my book before falling asleep.

3. Set an Intention
This might sound super cheesy, but it really does help set the mood for the day and add clarity to the clutter of our lives. If you're not sure of how to think of an intention, consider it to be the seed you sow for the day, week, month... You get the picture. My intentions tend to revolve around happiness or allowing myself to be open to success or change. It feels weird at first but you'll get over that quick.

4. No Devices at Night
THIS. We all need to do this. At least 45 minutes before bed - put the device or anything with a screen away. Not only will it help you sleep a shit-ton better, you'll slowly find yourself drifting off to sleep quicker. I'm definitely guilty of those late night Instagram scrolls but keeping the screens out of my bedroom made it feel more zen which I love.

5. Declutter & Prep
I've always been a planner and a neat freak so this comes naturally to me, but on those chaotic nights when I can barely breathe let alone declutter or prep -- those nights always haunt my following morning. For me, it simply feels great to spend a half hour tidying up, washing dishes, and getting rid of any crap I brought back with me or needs to get out of the apartment. Then I spend the next twenty minutes looking at my calendar and planning ahead. As in, prepping my lunch, coordinating my outfit, and making sure I have all the things I need for the next day. There's nothing better than waking up ready to take on the day or coming home to a clean + zen space. If you don't know where to start I totally recommend giving Marie Kondo's book a read.

I'll be honest, I've gotten so used to my new rituals, that missing one from my day kind of throws me off. Those days are few and far between, but generally, I'm a happier and saner person once I get through the shebang.

Are there any rituals you do that keeps you sane and motivated? Let me know in the comments down below.