The Mini Moment

I had a revelation this week after returning from my overnight trip to Philly.


After unpacking all my slinky dresses, suede shoes, followed by Ziploc bags full of lip glosses and an assortment of night creams for every skin concern - it hit me. I am girly AF.

I'm known to overpack but this short trip really made me open my eyes. And the fact that I'm okay with lugging around a heavy piece of luggage is not okay. (Added this to my list of things to work on). (Actually, I'm okay with it so I crossed it off my list).


This whole time I've written off those indescribable pangs when one passes Sephora simply as a part of life. Or the sudden traffic-inducing halt in front of Schutz shoes as a memorable moment that should be documented for Snapchat. When in reality, not everyone enjoys the art of getting ready. Which there is nothing wrong with either.

So instead of trying to fight my inner girly cravings I just went with the flow for this shoot. Let my freak flag fly high. It was wild you guys!  


DressRamy Brook  HeelsBanana Republic  Clutch: Ora Delphine  NecklaceLa Soula  Rings: Assorted  Bracelet: Old (similar one here)  Liquid Lipstick: 22 via Kylie Cosmetics

First things, first! The dress came from Ramy Brook, a line known for their gorgeous silky, sophisticated pieces. Most of the Ramy Brook pieces make their appearances during Tinder dates or basically whenever I want to feel my absolute best. Today's mini did all that and more. Next up, are the suede shoes I got on MAJOR sale from Banana Republic. Even if I was teetering with fear over the cobblestone streets these heels were well worth it.

And finally, my heart shaped clutch. Not a lot of room for everything but enough for the necessities. Also, it's super cute so how could I not?

What about you? How do you indulge your girly side? Tell me I wanna know!

Photos by Lydia Hudgens.

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