In Support Of: The Monochromatic Movement

It's not often one finds themselves surrounded by raw talent, authentic souls, and the yearn to push their boundaries to a more creative place. Somewhere undiscovered and uncharted.


That place, to me, is In Support Of and their curated selection of new and emerging designers. Those authentic souls are Lynn and Tina Maria. And Erika supplied the raw talent. Collaboratively, we bring you part one of our editorial -- the Monochromatic Movement.


I'm going to be honest, it's been a really really long time since I went local and experienced innovative designs that made you want to explore a piece and the textures bound to it. That made you strut, swish, or sashay just to see how it fell - movement. I found all that and more at In Support Of.


In fact, they encouraged us to check out the racks, to try on the bold coats and dive into their designer's cohesive collection until we found something that was truly us. At first, it was a bit daunting - everything was (and still is) so gorgeous. (If you ever find yourself in the Meatpacking District I highly encourage you to sneak away into this store to get inspired.) For the first part of our editorial I pulled crisp winter whites from two of their designers, layered it on and went bold.


I'm excited to share the next part later this week but until then stop by Lynn and Tina Maria's blogs to read & see their monochromatic movement.

Photos by Erika Dickstein.
Blogger Babes: Lynn Kim Do, & Tina Maria,
Wearing: In Support Of