In Support Of: Prints & Prints

GUYS. The second installment is here and it's so sick -- you might throw up. Just kidding, you won't but get excited! In case, you missed the first post, head to that first. Otherwise, let's move on.

This time, we took on patterns, and as you can see we each brought a different spin on prints.


Again, all the clothing came from In Support Of, an amazing boutique & showroom that helps local designers grow while they showcase their dope pieces of work. The girls and I joked how we looked like a trio of badass superheroes. And to be honest, I for sure felt like one.

I was wearing this silky, velvet coat over this two-piece meowtastic suit designed by Steven Tai. It was pretty bomb to be wearing something so out there - you know. But, if I had to pick between lady-like pieces from Olivia Palermo's closet or Steven Tai for life, I'd go with Steven Tai. Lynn and Tina both had these really warm, lust-worthy shearling coats from Sandy Liang over their looks which would slay any white walkers that could come their way. The shearling coats from Liang's outwear prove that we don't have to give into a black puffer once winter hits.


squad (skwäd/) n. two's company, three's a squad


Stop by Lynn and Tina Maria's blogs to read & see their take on print. There are definitely a lot more pictures in the series that you don't want to miss.

Photos by Erika Dickstein.
Blogger Babes: Lynn Kim Do, & Tina Maria,
Wearing: In Support Of


Time to head out in the wild, wild, weekend.

Meow, meow motherflowers!