After spending months beings fondled by TV execs in LA, Totally4Teens is finally hitting the air ... sorta. Brought to you by Derrick Beckles (TV Carnage, Street Carnage), Vernon Chatman (PFFR, Wonder Showzen, Xavier: Renegade Angel, the voice of “Towelie” on South Park), and Ari Fishman (the Daily Show), Totally4Teens is a competitor in Adult Swim's "Big, Uber, Network Sampling," a contest between eight shows to determine which one will the sweet light of nighttime adult television. Totally4Teens is up against Soul Quest Overdrive today, February 25th, so get your ass over there and tick the proper box. Voting ends at midnight, so do it NOW.

Oh, and just to remind you who to vote for....

Let's kick some ass!

At the Right Dosage

Adderall actually makes me pretty calm. And it's so weird how I can read a page only once and know what the hell I read. I get all my assignments done on time now. I even get to work and school on time, which is the main reason why I had gotten fired/failed a course. It of course doesn't give me the motivation to do my work, in fact for the last two hours I've been watching Degrassi. It does however give me the power to not cry over writing papers and taking weeks to complete them, it also gives me the ability to take notes in class and not stare out the window daydreaming about the Jonas brothers. It's like a godsend except I wish I had it earlier when I still attending Hunter.

I've learned my lesson: Next time a counselor tells you to get yourself a medical withdrawal for the semester you do it, and next time three of your profs bring to your attention your disruptive aloof ways and send you to the office of accessibility you sign up. I had a fear it would show on my transcript and apparently it doesn't. And next time you write on your to do list get mail from dad, get your mail from dad and not wait one whole month too late.

I'm being academically punished for this fall if I wish to not take another semester off (it would be two whole years if I did) and am being sent to Kingsborough College. How do you put a Queens girl in Brooklyn? Not even the shethole of them all, LaGuardia can take me. Two hour train rides are not favorable so I must get over my car accident dying fear the next time I get behind a wheel, along with finding cheap insurance (impossible for a new driver).

I'm hoping to be back at the Harvard of the Cuny's spring 2010 (oh please with a cherry on top), but for now I must reconnect with old psychiatrists and get my shet fixed.

Until then I will be in College forever, go class of 2032!!

PS- I realized that I did take SAIC's no grade policy for granted. How I miss having our focus mainly on creativity and getting inspired. You can never put limits on art.