After spending months beings fondled by TV execs in LA, Totally4Teens is finally hitting the air ... sorta. Brought to you by Derrick Beckles (TV Carnage, Street Carnage), Vernon Chatman (PFFR, Wonder Showzen, Xavier: Renegade Angel, the voice of “Towelie” on South Park), and Ari Fishman (the Daily Show), Totally4Teens is a competitor in Adult Swim's "Big, Uber, Network Sampling," a contest between eight shows to determine which one will the sweet light of nighttime adult television. Totally4Teens is up against Soul Quest Overdrive today, February 25th, so get your ass over there and tick the proper box. Voting ends at midnight, so do it NOW.

Oh, and just to remind you who to vote for....

Let's kick some ass!