Snug & Fitted | How To Pick The Right Sports Bra

I first wrote about the topic here but after a few years, it's time for a refresher as engineers have reinvented the bra since then. (Can I get an AMEN?!). However, 80% of women are still wearing the wrong size. 

Can you imagine feeling suffocated or having the urge to re-adjust a strap during kickboxing or hot yoga? No thank you. With that being said, make it a point this week, or sometime soon, to get measured at your favorite intimates or sports apparel shop. (Nike, Bloomingdales, and Lord & Taylor are only a few of the many that offer this service for free).

Wearing Brooks'  Sureshot Racer Bra

Wearing Brooks' Sureshot Racer Bra

With a marathon and a Classpass sponsorship under my belt, I was able to move and sweat in a variety of bras. There were a few standout favorites that aced all my needs with flying colors. 

Now some of you might be thinking, "but you basically have A cups." 

Kind of true, they're actually B cups. I've also made the mistake of heading to a race in a flimsy yoga bralette. My breast felt every single stride that took place during those 4 miles so much so that my hands ended up being my "sports bra". Yep. I ran a race while holding my breasts in place.

Wearing Brooks'  Uprise Crossback Bra

Wearing Brooks' Uprise Crossback Bra

But with that experience came knowledge and a few favorites which I'm always happy to share.

1. Sports bras do come in different styles and support, but the two main ones you'll encounter are compression bras and encapsulation bras. Compression bras are better for low-impact activities like yoga, spin, barre, etc. Bust out the encapsulation bras for high-impact activities like kickboxing, running, basketball, etc.

2. Sports bras are naturally tight but if you're having issues breathing correctly - it's too small for you.

Wearing Sweaty Betty's  Resistance Workout Bra

Wearing Sweaty Betty's Resistance Workout Bra

3. Say no to the bounce! Try doing a few jumping jacks in the fitting room as your sports bra should keep any bounce at a minimum. If it's there and uncomfortable, you'll need a bra with extra support in the form of wider straps, racerback or "flexi wire".

4. Spillage means you're not fully supported. Try going up a size and to keep it contained for the best support.

5. Keep it fun when you can! Personally, cute gear always makes sweating a bit more fun.

Now go forth and crush those personal bests while with a supportive fit. AND, feel free to leave any of your favorite tips down below!

Wearing Nike's  Classic Swoosh Bra

Wearing Nike's Classic Swoosh Bra

Photos by Lydia Hudgens.

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