The Little Black Dress w. Pink Suede Heels

I've been clearing out some digital clutter on my end and organizing my past photos when I realized... I never actually did a style post on this look... AND that my sister still hasn't returned my favorite little black dress.

Well, looks like I'll be paying her a visit real soon. In the meantime, let's chat summer weddings and platforms heels that are meant to be seen.


As much as we try to avoid the cost of attending one (local or abroad) it's the memories that make it so worth it. In fact, I'm currently in the throes of planning one to Norway next month. It's a new-to-me country in every sense of the phrase so I'm staying positive about not knowing the language.

I haven't looked into the weather but have a feeling it's nothing like NYC's hot and humid hell. With that being said, this little black dress might be perfect for the ceremony or any of the pre-wedding festivities. It's also a pretty easy piece to layer with as well.

But for the sake of my Northeastern babes, I'm going to prep as if a muggy day awaits me. In that case, I would wear the bare minimum and 1-2 statement pieces. (Cause this girl CAN sweat). In this case, my go-to conversation starters are my heart-shaped purse and my sky-high platform heels.


Now being as tall as I am, I tend to shy away from heels. But what's the point of collecting drool-worthy pairs that go unworn? So, in the past few years, I made it a point to wear my fanciest heels to anything that requires a RSVP & gift.

Weddings, bridal + baby showers, holiday parties - the list goes on and these heels are coming with.

"But how do you stay in them all day long?"

Um... I don't. I have yet to find an ultra comfortable pair for my flat feet so my purse du jour always stores a pair of foldable flats. But, the day this becomes unnecessary I'll make sure to spread the good news on the shoes all over Facebook, Instagram, Twitter... EVERYTHING.


Dress: Ramy Brook (similar style)  Heels: Banana Republic (similar & under $40)  Necklace: La Soula  Purse: Ora Delphine  Lipgloss22 via Kylie Cosmetics

As for the dress, it's from a brand called Ramy Brook. The line is incredibly luxe and lightweight making it the perfect choice for any summer wedding or date. It's on the pricier side, so if you're on a budget or looking to save I highly recommend setting up eBay alerts or ShopStyle notifications on the brand because everything they make is so good! Plus, if you can save a few dollars why not?

The Norway wedding is in about five weeks so if you've been to Olso before please share tips and recommendations on what to do or expect. Don't forget to follow me on Instagram before I take off on my adventure too!

Photos by Lydia Hudgens.

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