The Essentials: April 2015

Well, daddy was right. Never move in with your honey until you're married or truly en route to getting married.

These past few months have been so incredibly stressful, crazy, and annoying. I'll elaborate more in the next Breaking the Fourth Wall post, but for now, things are starting to settle down (by a smidge). That also means I have more time, or, at least, feel organized enough, to come back to blogging.

I got April all figured out (when it comes to the blog not my living situation) and expect to see new posts on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Don't forget you can also find me on Instagram or Snapchat (search thestyleboro).

One thing, I've really missed doing has been my Monthly Essentials. However, since my last Essentials post, I've come across so many amazing brands and an awesome subscription box called Pearlesque (perfect for the natural skincare junkie). I honestly can not wait to share all of my discoveries with y'all. You're going to love all of it - get your shopping carts ready! Pearlesque (perfect for the natural skincare junkie). I honestly can not wait to share all of my discoveries with y'all. You're going to love all of it - get your shopping carts ready!


Hair: It's pretty apparent how much I love Carol's Daughter and their Leave-In Conditioner is no exception. I use it to freshen up styles and right before styling fresh hair for extra hydration and frizz control. They started selling the line at Target so it's even easier to find in-store.

Skin: Aside from the Pearlesque Box, I've been living for Skinn's Olive & Enzyme Makeup Wipes. They smell amazing, have this great texture that takes everything off, and leaves my skin feeling so smooth. I've mentioned before my love for matte lip color, unfortunately, they make my lips super dry. After a lot of googling and testing, I've fallen for Bite's Lip Mask. They return my lips to a more supple state. I use it once a week and during the week I layer on the Vaseline at night.

Body: I never thought I'd write about a razor on here but then I used the Gillette Venus Swirl. The Flexiball on the razor makes shaving more seamless and faster since it contours to your body more easily.

Misc.: Listen up bauble lovers, I found a way to conveniently clean our jewels and restore their shine. The product is called Shine by Collé and found it randomly after stressing out over my pieces looking lackluster. Easy to use and store.

Shop my essentials below:
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Now, let's talk about this Pearlesque Box - it's a new semi-new subscription service that focuses on introducing and educating us on all-natural and non-toxic skincare brands found around the world. Every month, they'll focus on one region + brand and send 1-2 full-size + 1-3 travel size products. Sample sizes are great, but at the same time, they don't allow you ample time to determine its effectiveness in your routine. Shipping is always free and those outside of the States can also get in the on the subscription (shipping rates do apply for international addresses). As far as pricing goes, you're paying $39.99 per box however the value is over $120. Sign up before April 5th with my discount code AILEEN15 to pay 15% less.

This month their focus is OSEA Malibu and after a few weeks of trying out their bestsellers - I'm falling in love with the vegan line. What makes this line different from the rest is how their history and formulas always traces them back to the ocean - which is why they always Ocean preservation as a brand.


OSEA Ocean Cleanser: A classic from their line and my absolute favorite from the box. It has this amazing scent, easily removed my makeup (didn't take my mascara off completely), and didn't strip my skin of moisture. Instead my skin felt hydrated and refreshed by the minerals, algae, and vitamins in the formula. The glass bottle was easy on the eyes too.


OSEA Sea Minerals Mist: After we cleanse, we mist. I found this mist to be refreshing and hydrating due to its nutrient-packed ingredient list. Although I wouldn't carry this in my purse I would definitely make the exception once summer hits. I could only imagine how soothing this feels on sun-kissed skin.


OSEA Ocean Lotion: This daily fragrance-free moisturizer loaded with good for your ingredients (Macadmaia, Rosehip, Red Algae Gel & more) left my body silky to the touch. It also left my skin feeling hydrated for a longer length of time and without that greasy residue.

There's an Atmosphere Protection Cream included as well, but sadly mine broke in transit (sad face). Besides that, I've been introduced to a brand I would've never known about and basically fell in love with their line. I already have their Sea Vitamin Boost on the way to me thanks to the free shipping code inside the Pearlesque Box. If you want to indulge in this month's box don't forget to use my promo code AILEEN15 for 15% off your first box!

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