The Essentials: October 2018

Holy cow! I haven’t done an “essentials” post in over a year! I usually store my empties until one of these posts go up so you can only imagine the pile of recyclables I had hanging out in my living room.

Once I go through this pile I’ll start giving these posts a more curated theme.

Anyway, let's get to it!

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Hair: Garnier Fructis sent me their collection of hair care products which was a walk down memory lane. I loved all things Garnier when in high school - it was the only brand that detangled my curls and tamed my frizz. So of course, I decided to give their Damage Eraser line a try and I still love it! My color-treated hair felt so hydrated and strong after each use. I definitely recommend picking up this drugstore favorite if salon brands are out of your budget. Another favorite I reached for again and again this summer, was Vernon Francois’ Revamp Conditioner Spray. Now Vernon is a celebrity is a natural hair stylist so he definitely knows how to treat the curl right and has definitely used his knowledge to create a line specifically made for me. Or so it feels. This is one standout favorite that I love and use it as a refresher for my curls more than as a conditioner.

Face: Each one that made it on here is so GOOD. In an effort to not overwhelm you I’ll stick to my top 3. First and foremost, Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream is a godsend. It’s a light moisturizer that packs a heavy punch and smells divine. This is definitely something I’ll repurchase and have it stocked at my boyfriend’s apartment too! Next up is The Ordinary’s Niacinamide Serum as it’s been a definite game changer. Each bottle costs about $6 and helps fade acne marks and prevents new zits from popping up. It melts right into my skin too so it’s great for layering. Lastly, La Roche-Porsay’s Serozinc is finally being sold stateside! But due to heavy demand these guys sell out so quickly. I honestly have email alerts for when they’re stocked so I can scoop up a few bottles. Now you’re probably wondering what’s so great about this face mist? WELL, this face mist helps mattify your skin which is perfect for those of us with oily/combination skin. It’s also does wonders for clearing up acne.

Body: Okay, so I’ve been obsessed with the Dorco Shai razors. They’re 6 blade razors, that pivot around curves seamlessly. The best part, they’re priced at 35% cheaper than well known drugstore brands and in my experience work much better. I know on my Instagram Stories I mentioned signing up for the Billy razors so I’ll let you know how it compares to this.

Makeup: Let’s have a moment of silence for my favorite nude lip gloss from L’Oreal in Coral Sands. This shade has probably made in an appearance in about 65% of my outfit posts. Whether I was wearing a full look of makeup or went barefaced - this color went perfectly with everything. I dread the day L’Oreal discontinues this color.

Fashion: YOU GUYS. Everlane made jeans and they are amazing. The fit, the stretch, the colors - so good! The only thing I will say is to get them a size smaller and embrace your curves.

Any favorites you've been loving this month?

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The Essentials: July 2017

I'm starting to realize my "essentials" posts is my very own version of "empties". And I ain't mad about it. 

There were quite a few empty bottles stored away in my tote bag so this time around I decided to break up my essentials into skincare, hair, body, and of course makeup. Maybe when I don't have a ton of product to review (or built up from stress-shopping) I can give my essentials more of a curated theme. What do you think?

Anyway, let's get to it!

Best of Beauty July Summer 2017

Hair: I am head over hair in love with Viva Curl's Whipped Coconut Milk collection. The formula is super gentle and hydrates my hair from root to tip. I actually had the opportunity to meet the family and experts and learn firsthand why they use coconut oil and shea butter within their formulas. So for my curly girls out there, head to your nearest drugstore and definitely pick my top faves: nourishing shampoo and leave-in conditioner. Sebastian's Whipped Creme is another favorite I'll be repurchasing this month. The mousse doesn't leave my curls crunchy but instead touchable and frizz-free. Even on the most humid of days, the mousse does not let me down!

Face: This one is going to be a doozy since each one is so GOOD. Let's start with my Holy Grail (and consistent space-taker on my shelf), Paula's Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid. I use this first in my skincare routine to gently exfoliate my skin for even-toned skin. It also reduces redness and unclogs pores which helps clear up my adult acne. Next up is new-to-me brand Earth Tu Face's Toning Mist in Rose + Aloe. It's cruelty-free and earth-friendly (which I appreciate), but what I love the most is the scent, the refreshing feeling, and how it tightens my pores on contact. 

Last year, I got a chance to learn about True Botanicals in-depth and there is a blog post coming up. But, I did want to get Pure Radiance Oil on your radar now! The oil strengthens the skin's barrier, eliminates infection, reduces inflammation, and balances blemish-prone skin.

Then, my favorite heavy-hitters from Derma e, Microdermabrasion Scrub and Firming DMAE Eye Lift are true must-haves. I used the scrub weekly to diminish the appearance of acne scrubs and fine lines. And the multi-action eye cream is one of the best I've tried within its price points ($25).

Body: Like my last essentials mentioned, I absolutely love Molton Brown and am the biggest fan of their Dewy Lily of the Valley & Star Anise scent. I finally ran out of their Bath & Shower Gel (sigh) and but am finally considering making their perfume my signature scent. It's only available during certain seasons and holidays but if you ever come across it - GET IT. It's an incredibly light, feminine scent and reminds me of Sofia Coppola for some reason.

Makeup: It Cosmetics has been expanding their cosmetics line rapidly, some things I've been loving and others not so much. Two, in particular, their Confidence in a Compact and CC+ Skin Perfecting Brush, have simplified my beauty morning routine. Instead of doing primer, foundation, and concealer I can now do the compact and move onto my brows and head out the door. It has this fantastic dewy-finish too that I've been digging as of late too. Now, I wouldn't recommend the compact to those with oily skin as it would only call out the oily spots even more. Their new brush is also amazing and great for all skin types. And last but not least, Estee Lauder's Sumptuous Infinite mascara has an amazing bristle that coats every single lash and the formula really does make them look thicker and longer.

Any favorites you've been loving this month?

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The Essentials: September 2016

You guys... I just had an entire post written up only for my fingers to slip up and hit the delete button. It was legit on the verge of going live with the click of a button until... UGHHHH. Anyway, let me try to the best of my ability to rewrite and not linger on the past for too long.

This month, the common theme amongst all my favorites tend to be products that will free up time when it comes to glamming up or simplify my life in some form. Also, just noticed a lot of my faves tend to fall into the pink or purple color scheme - how cute!

the september essentials the style boro.jpg

Hair: Terax Daily Reparative Conditioner has become my newest lifesaver. As you know, my hair has gone an underground transformation to it's newest state of almost platinum blonde. This conditioner has turned my brittle dry strands into stronger, softer, shinier tresses with use. It works by depositing Keratin protein only to where the strand is damaged which is a godsend for us fake blonds. Another favorite is Matrix's Miracle Creator. It has 20 beauty benefits such as: smooths cuticles, fights frizz, prevent split ends, and loads other. It's safe to say these two products have earned their spot on my bathroom shelves.

Face: Ever go shopping at an Ulta and just fill up your basket with no real goal in sight except to spend money. Well, that was me a few weeks ago except I discovered this gem of a contour stick so good I decided to store my Anastasia Contour Kit. It's called NYX Wonder Stick - it makes contouring so seamless and the formula is so easy to build + blend. It's become a part of my everyday routine so much so, I can't imagine life without it. The next honorable mention goes to Glossier's Soothing Face Mist. This is the holy grail of face mists! If you need a 411 on why you should include one in your routine check out this post. But in the essence of time know that this works great to soothe sunburns, start off your AM skin layering routine, or set your makeup for the day ahead.

Body: This slot goes to two of my favorite body exfoliators. The first one coming from Completely Bare, a company (and once salon) known for being the best at baring New York residents. I never visited their salon personally but am obsessed with their Bikini Bump Blaster. It's amazing for fighting ingrown hairs and making skin feel oh-so-smooth after a wax. The next comes from Molton Brown (I adore everything from this brand). Their Comforting Body Polishers, particularly in Ylang-Ylang, invigorates my skin with its scent and the tiny grains buff away dead skin while turning the ordinary shower into an oasis. Definitely worth every cent and always at the top of my wishlist when I run out.

Misc: This product isn't for everyone unless you're a dog or a dog lover haha. Dog-owners understand how hard it is to find the perfect tool, treat, or toy that will help keep teeth clean. It's taken me almost nine years but I finally found something that works great on Miles' teeth. It's called Petsmile and has an exclusive Calprox formula that works by attacking plaque caused by bacteria, acid, food, and saliva without using a toothbrush. You can apply it directly to teeth using one of the applicators it comes with or with a toothbrush. Some owners even go as far as spreading the toothpaste on their dog's favorite chew toy or treat. It's safe to use and approved by Veterinary Oral Health Council.

Could not finish this blog post without mentioning the Lookbooker app. The app can be described as the OpenTable for grooming and glamming and works to connect salons to guests. It has honestly made it easier to discover new salons or spas and conveniently book and pay them. I am a repeat offender of using this weekly and love it! If this is your first time hearing of it or if you've always wanted to give you a try use promo code called STYLEBORO for $15 off your first appointment (that’s like a free manicure!).

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