Fit for Summer

I decided to try something insane this summer to go along with my fitness plan: positive thinking.

Crazy, right?


Hear me out. After a good long run (and those short sweaty ones) I'm left in a better state of mind. Let's call it good juju. Until life unexpectedly butts her head into my always very busy day throwing all sorts of mishaps and shenanigans at me. And each time without fail, my day goes from great to good to bad - ruining all the previous good juju I had.

Then my ma enlightened me with her mom wisdom.

A little backstory, my ma was diagnosed with a chronic illness a few years back and ever since her diagnosis she's been taking it easy and eliminating the stress from where it starts: her thoughts. Don't worry guys, a chronic illness is not a life sentence - just need to manage your lifestyle differently. She told me maybe I need to change the way I think and stop being negative.

For example, instead of complaining about rent (at an all-time high) instead be thankful for shelter & food (NYC is currently facing its highest levels of homelessness). Embracing this positive thought eventually starts to project itself onto those around me and spreads like wild fire.


Top: Lucy  Shorts: Lucy  PulloverLucy  Headphones: c/o Ankit  Sports Bra: Victoria's Secret PINK  Sneakers: Saucony  LipbalmEOS Lip Balm  Nail Polish: Essie in For the Twill of It

So far, it's been going great - I feel lighter in a way and worry less. It's also been one of the best supplements I've added to my fitness plan. NOW, I'm going to ask you guys to try this sweat-free supplement out for yourself for a week/month/season/year and let me know how it goes for you!

P.s. This is the same outfit (minus the jacket & sports bra) I wore during the Brooklyn Half. I can say first hand Lucy Activewear can go against the elements when testing your endurance. I even gained a PR (personal record) in this look :).

Photos by Lydia Hudgens.

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