Fashionably Fit

Slowly but surely, one will find themselves browsing performance activewear instead of OTK boots after a few addicting workouts. Not a bad thing necessarily. 

Recently I discovered Lucy at my local running. Sure enough, the next day there I was cruising Their assortment of colorful and functional jackets are perfect for long runs to Coney or skedaddling to kickboxing after work.  The Run Revolution Half Zip has been my go-to.

Lots of their tops are versatile enough to wear after gym class and straight through brunch (#winwin). One of the things that attracted me to Lucy, was their emphasis on putting out quality yet trendy pieces for women. So ladies, put away those raggedy tees and get something that will motivate you to work your hardest but feel your best. 

Jacket: c/o Lucy  Shirt: c/o Lucy  Running Tights: Old Navy  Headphones: c/o V-MODA  Sneakers: Saucony

Another must-have for long runs when the going gets tough are comfortable and well-fitted headphones. Having to deal with a pair that keeps slipping off your ears, let alone one that doesn't sound crystal clear should be avoided at all times - in fact it can kill your good-run vibes. These V-MODA headphones have been able to turn on my inner Beyonce when struggling on my last few miles. I know I'm not alone when it comes to using music as a motivator. Another #winwin - the ability to go hands-free and their "mind the gap" feature which eliminates unnecessary headroom from the headband. Here's a great review from CNET for those of you wanting more info. 

Getting fit has never been so easy. If for some reason you've fallen off the resolutions bandwagon - I know, the struggle is real - get yourself motivated with a new headphones or activewear that you'll want to work out in. In my case, new gear serve as motivation to get my butt out the door to show off what I got (literally and figuratively). 

For those of you in the NYC metro area looking to get into shape, here's a list of my favorite classes.

Photos by Anna Rosh.

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