The Edit: Turtlenecks

The J. Crew Tissue Turtleneck Tee has been in constant rotation this winter. It's the perfect piece for layering and has been styled on the blog over and over again for this reason. Not to mention that it's also incredibly soft. My closet already has two of these in stock, and the black version has been wish-listed for my birthday. After wearing the hell out of these turtlenecks (and still going strong) it's only right that I show y'all how I've been styling them... By video. 

That's right guys, my new youtube video is finally live. Really hope you like it and don't worry the quality will improve as my S.O. and I get into the swing of youtubing. You wouldn't believe how expensive it is to license music for youtube - kind of nuts!! Feel free to share you're youtube tips if you're on it.

Watch it. Like it (hopefully). Share it. And Subscribe :).

Want to give turtlenecks a try? Here are a few of my favorites including the tissue turtleneck tee from J. Crew: