On Being Conscious

Happy new year y'all! Hope you all rang it in with a big bang. I spent it with close friends + family and had such an amazing time. But now, it's back to work and getting my shitz straight (aka HUSTLING). If you're wondering what shitz exactly, you can read that here

After reading this Refinery29 article it made me realize that it's time to declutter my apartment and stop exhausting my funds on clothes. And if we're being honest, I rather visit Australia again then own over 50 pairs of shoes (colorful shoes on sale are my kryptonite). 

So here's how I'm going to spend less, look stylish, and make it back to Australia (and Cuba).

If we're being honest, it's going to be a struggle when we live in a very capitalist country and our "wants" are sometimes mistaken for "needs." My plan of attack, spend less on things I don't need. For instance, I really don't need another pair of slip-ons when I own three already - even if they are the suede kind, I do not need it. Don't worry, if I do need something (like bras or socks), I will get it but I'll be more mindful about my purchases. 

Doesn't mean you wont see the latest trends here, that's always going to happen but in a conscious way. If I want something, then I need to get rid of something. For example, if those suede slip-ons are keeping me up at night, then an old pair needs to go. There's just no room (everything you heard about NYC apartments are true) to keep bringing things in. If I don't put a stop to it now, there's no doubt in my mind that you'll see me on the next episode of TLC's Hoarders: Buried Alive. 

Necklace: The Sak  Turtleneck: J. Crew  Jacket: Free Country (and it's reversible!)  Jeans: GAP (similar)  Bucket Bag: The Sak  Shoes: Shoes Like Pottery  Lipstick: Heatwave by Nars

And finally, it really is time to declutter my closet (read: basically the entire apartment). Anything that I've purchased months ago with tags still on are getting donated or sold on my Poshmark (my woes may be your blessings). I encourage you ladies to do the same. Like Beyoncé said, anything unworn can go to the left, to the left. 

By becoming a more sensible shopper and smartly re-styling pieces, I'll save enough to get my butt to the other end of the world in no time. 

Photos by Victor Cerejo.

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