Sakroots' Newest Print: Songbird

Yep, you heard correctly! The newest print from The Sak's sister brand, Sakroots, is called Songbird. The beautiful print from Brooklyn resident & painter, Josana Blue, will be available this upcoming spring.

Before we continue any further, I do want to point out that Sakroots encourages their shoppers to "Choose their Karma" every time they purchase a specific print from their artist circle. Gotta love it when shopping gives back! But let's get back to Songbird - this amazing print has a whimsical and musical theme featuring a peacock to symbolize how 'music and rhythm gives us infinite love." This rings true to me, certain songs will even bring me back to moments that were filled with so much emotion. 

Like what you're reading so far and curious what'll be in the collection? Well, I'm only carrying the wallet in the above snap, but keep in mind that like all the other artist circle prints the Songbird print will also be available on canvas bags, footwear, travel gear, and as a wristlet.

Now for the good part, the Songbird print will support the Harmony Project - a nonprofit dedicated to providing musical education to youth in low-income communities. How awesome it that. I think it's so important to be able to experience as much as you possibly can and learn as much as you can, and for some that is a little bit easier said than done. So, kudos to the organization for being there and kudos to Sakroots for recognizing this organization and sending donations their way.

In the meantime check out the current prints and charities Sakroots is supporting by visiting here. While you're there check out their gift guides as well, a few great gifts to be found!

Photos by Lydia Hudgens.

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