Crop It Like It's Hot

Lately I've been obsessed with crop tops! Like crazy obsessed. Whenever I search online or walk into my nearest Zara the first thing my eyes scan for are CROP TOPS. A couple months back I was so not thrilled to hear cropped tops were in, cause let's face it I was not into showing my skinny-fat (read: flabby) midriff? Yea, I'm a runner but that doesn't mean I do my crunches. My core is so insanely weak, I should probably be doing my crunches with a side of physical therapy... but that's another story for another day. 

Anyways, I overcame that and decided if I was going to crop it I could always hide my skinny fat ways with high-waisted anythings. OR, I could opt for a slightly longer crop top and make sure my bottoms are loose (i.e. boyfriend jeans) to avoid any unnecessary chicho show. ORRRR, I could just rock any crop top with my sassy attitude - why hold back when this trend is simply too fierce to resist.

Conquer crop tops with me! 

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