When the Moral Kicks In

Yo Brah!

I'm semi-back. Life has been nothing near a whirlwind adventure land that I am used to. Well except for the drinking part. I've been doing a lot of that and eating of Domino's.

Saw Julian (think the Strokes) last night. What an amazing/sexy performance. I took some fotos, but my camera died shortly thereafter. Reminder to self: never again use your vibrator's batteries for digital cameras, it will die. I will however post them up.

Let's see...

Oh! I went to Texas and it was amazing. Huge portions and lots of Texan pride. All the food I ate was rarely never in the shape of the state. But it tasted so good, especially the Mexican food. It was so good it didn't even give you the shits after. Now that is GOOD. And the house parties down South are major. They know how to have a good time for sure.

Shooting a gun in style of course.

Texas pride is everywhere you look.

My beautiful NYE's outfit which broke. Blame it on the alcohol fo' reaLzz.

The Texas party hardy crowd. That's me already blacked out drunk.

I have this goal of going somewhere every month for this year. January was Texas, next month might just be Atlantic City, March can be either Toronto or Texas (SXSW) again, April will be France. Now I have to make this happen, but I have the motivation.

The Fitch has been cutting back on hours which is lame and tempting me to go back to American Apparel. Might as well work where I model. Just have to pull a few strings :D. No fashion week for me this year. I don't have the time to waste on being a size 0 and going to a billion castings to get 10 gigs. Oh and school starts in two weeks, so definitely wont have the time.

FFFFFFFFFFAck! I'm 23 next month. Joan Rivers cry me an ocean please!

My home girl Jessica wrote this article and I fully blame her for getting me back on the internet dating wagon which is more time consuming than Farmville and ShopNastygirl.com combined. This my friends is worse than e-expensivo and matches.com combined because not only is it free but I have been recognized at least 3 times. One guy remembers me as the girl who took BC for SC, the next for being in his English class at Hunter, and the last guy works with me at the Fitch. How fucking embarrassing is that?

But let me tell you - the shetloads of hipsters/cuties on that site who contact me on a daily basis not only give my ego a rush of Whoa I might actually meet a nice guy who will say hi to my who-wha and date me longer than four months and that is sweet.

Oh yah brah! How about blast from the past.

Yeah, I'm sorry Arv. I was totally not expecting a cameo of him in life again.