I had this intense dream/nightmare today. For some odd reason, I was sitting shotgun in this car and my ex (won't say which one because of the content of this dream) behind me. There were two others - no idea who they were. We were talking about relationships and he kept avoiding the subject of me. He continued to act incredibly stupid and prideful. The driver pulled over to a McDonald's and he goes into the restroom. Seeing this I go charging in after him and started beating him. Number one where did I get all this crazy strength from, and number two why are we at a McDonald's. I tell him to admit to us amongst other things, he refuses. I drag him into the women's bathroom since it still has a lock and I pull out a rifle (where did that come from, seriously). He admits everything to me at this point. The two kids that were in the car with us try to break down the door, but they cant. I aim the gun and tell him "it's too late". After shooting him, I went next and woke myself up from this GT4/Elephant inspired dream.

Or maybe it was all that Men That Kill & Women That Kill on TV. I'm never watching that again.

Great now this makes me sound insane and insanely jealous. Good job, Aileen.