All Points West

Like the ADD idiot that I am I bought tickets for the wrong day, but because I am a member they helped correct the problem just this one time.

If I had $478.13 I would most likely go all three days, but because I haven't been working (thanks economy) I had to pick one. Although Beastie Boys intrigue me greatly they're from Brooklyn and so had to boycott this one time. Instead I'm going Sunday to see all the bands I have yet to see live, with the exception of MGMT which does not count.

So the line up includes (with commentary):

Coldplay - makes me think of my wedding

Echo & the Bunnymen - makes me think of the divorce following it

MGMT - I wont drink/smoke/swallow/snort/eat anything before them

the Black Keys - meeting the drummer no matter what

Elbow - not too excited "boring"

Silversun Pickups - finally after hearing them blasting in the AM I get to see them live

Mogwai - if I do not hear "the sun is too loud" stoned I will be upset

We Are Scientists - eh they're "catchy"

Ghostland Observatory - will make out with my Lolita sunglasses to "sad sad city": boy or girl

the Gaslight Anthem - there always has to be that token band from NJ that you listen to on the low and never tell your NYC friends about.

Etienne De Crecy - Guido Fist Pump!!

Lykke Li - if I am wasted by the time her set goes up I apologize now for the drunk phone calls and 143 text messages I might send but I can't help it "it always you I'm thinking of"

Akron/Family - apparently they have a following

Steel Train - WTF? We already have a token NJ band!

Kitty, Daisy and Lewis - listen to "Going up the Country", it's better than Elvis

La Roux - should I go slutty or not slutty?

Hey Champ - I want to be in their music video

PT Walkley - nothing

$107 isn't bad at all for such a good line up, almost $6.71 per band. Hopefully no steps on me otherwise there will be problems.

PS- Lykke Li if you do a rendition of "Can I kick it?" I may have a seizure.