The Dream Plan

Now that the rain has gone away, the heat is coming through and just in time. I still have to support myself with crutches but my foot is getting a lot better. I can put a bit of pressure on my foot without resorting to percocets. Fantastic!

I honestly can not fathom having to stay in another weekend nor go to work. Staying at home all day long is something I haven't done since I was a newborn. All this TV and Internet is turning my brain to mulch.

But, once I do get my pimp cane I will already have my summer dream plan set. If you too want a dream worthy summer I suggest you become my friend on Fbook, comment "beautiful" on my fulgy looking pictures, and surely you will steal a place in my heart meaning we will definitely hang during these worthy occasions.

The Dream Plan:
1. Visit the beach at least 20 times.
2. Have a non-free weed week (24/7).
3. Every Tuesday = Angels & Kings and Happy Endings.
4. Be a part of a music video.
5. Create a music video.
6. Gain control of Libations VIP room once again.
7. A movie a week keeps the pedophiles away.
8. Not fail any summer classes.
9. Go celibate (just like every other summer).
10. Concerts and dance parties is how Aileen got her groove back.
11. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

I just got myself excited. Now all I have to do is make sure I don't get laid off otherwise 10 are these things will become impossible to do unless I break down and throw my celibacy out the window. Let's not have that happen anytime soon.