Answers to the Final

With some witty remarks as usual!

1) During a party this nickname was given to me:
a) Pikachotchi
b) Hamster
c) Chia pet
d) Pikachu
e) Putinski

During a house party I became extremely intoxicated in which my alter-ego Aileen the rapper came out. I spit a few rhymes and danced a lot. Everyone loved me that night. Later that night I just couldn't stop, I got hyper and that's when my BFF's brother looked me in the eye and said I was a Pikachu. I still don't understand the logic.

2) I had _ great loves so far
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4
e) 0

To be honest this is probably the first time in life that I'm not exclusively dating, not necessarily a bad thing. So there were many guys I came across but in the end there were three that stood out: Eddie #1 (he romanced me from the 8th grade until the 11th), Bipolar Boy (my high school years with this kid can be compared to Romeo + Juliet), and the Unmentionable.

3) What do I not collect?
a) film cameras
b) magazines
c) shot glasses
d) DVDs
e) makeup
I collect all but shot glasses. Once upon a time I did until they all broke in a move, and that was the end of that.

4) What is my favorite shot of choice?
a) Jager
b) Tequila
c) Vodka
d) Rum baby!
e) Eww, I hate shots
I became a fan of Jager when one of the waiters at Asian Pub went off duty and stole a whole bottle of Jager from the bar. So he came over to my table and we drank the whole thing, and the rest of the night is a blur. So when I take a shot of Jager I'm expecting fun, spontaneity, and a good story.

5) The thing I have about cars is:
a) There's no point in having them
b) Gas is so expensive and for what?
c) I can't pass because I can't drive
d) I fear that I will die in a horrible accident
e) I look better in them
Ever since I was little one of my sister's friend told me I was going to die in a horrible car accident. That explains why one of my close friend hates having me in the car because I am one of those backseat drivers. I also get really bad anxiety behind the wheel.

6) I believe out of my group of friends I will be the first to:
a) get a film career no degree necessary
b) have a baby
c) never move out of my mom's
d) get married
e) become semi-famous
People know me for being a party girl, but if I could get a penny for every time a drunk person at a party told me I would be a great mom, I would be five dollars richer. And not even drunk people, close friends also agree I would be the first to settle down and start a family. I guess it doesn't help that I already figured out my family tree line and how my dream job would be to become a hott stay at home mom.

7) My friends call me Tommy because:
a) because I'm a tomboy
b) I tell dirty jokes
c) I'm a story-teller
d) I tell too much information
e) I lack the feminine curves
So there's this kid who lies a lot. It's really not a bad thing because his lies are so entertaining. I lie for fun to see how far I could trick the person, of course my lies are always way out there and a lot funnier to hear. Other than that I am actually really bad at lying about actual truths.

8) The best part of my body I love is:
a) my face, duh!
b) everything!
c) my booty :)
d) legs fo' sho'
e) it's all about personality
If it weren't for my chicken legs I wouldn't be able to drink for free or wear minis.

PS- I met my lover in Verona, too bad he couldn't take the love and offed himself.