I'm loving the white ink. No one knows it's there but me. When people do discover it they get a sweet surprise. Plus I'm not done modeling for sure.

I was reading some Shakespeare out of boredom and came across this quote:

"The course of true love never did run smooth".

The question is how do I design it and where do I put it?

I could have it in a circle formation on my other wrists, down the spine of my back, on my face (just like Danger from Ray Jay), on my ring finger, or on the inside of my forearm. I am just avoiding the dreaded tramp stamp for sure.

Right now, I am thinking a little crazy and want to do the side of my ring finger. The pain will unbearable for a few minutes.

The other crazy idea was going French and do it on my right side in small script and in black.
le cours de l'amour vrai n'a jamais couru lisse

hmmm... decisions decisions.