So my mind is still a little fuzzy from the WWF partying smackdown habits aka spring break, so I'll try my best to stay focus and somewhat grammatically correct. So just heed my warning you lame grammar nazis.

Last night I shook my thang at my friends end of spring break party. It was good with a bright future since the fridge was still full of booze. I decided to take a break on the fire escape and was joined by two friends. And as always when intoxicated and surround by girlfriends you do the only thing you can do which is chat about our love lives, compare them, and give advice. And as always his infamous name pops up, and for the first time I didn't let it get to me.

Normally when mentioned I do get very emotional (of course because I've been drinking) and end up being consoled by some guy who plans on being the rebound until I call them out for being lame. Sorry dudes, I can see right through the facade.

Yet, last night was different. I think I finally realized my self worth and it only took me 15 years of therapy! Just slightly kidding.

I am me, and I am one of kind and for that reason sought after. I mean that girl from My Wife and Kids does try and look like me, but the keyword is try. Maybe I could give a description of myself but that would be never ending and probably be a narcissistic read. Back to the point, I refuse to sell myself short, and if someone does love somebody else they would do everything in their power to be with that person. I already tried everything but it's good to know how far I will go for someone. If anything, it would be their loss and not mine.

Hopefully that makes sense.

I do plan on telling about my crazy spring break adventures, because there were a plenty of funny ones that can only happen to yours truly. Not now though, I must attend to my battery operated friend. Once a day keeps the doctor away :D.