Lana Misses You Terribly

All day I was trying to cram for my psych exam -who gives an exam the day we come back from spring break?!- and the only things intoxicating my stressed addle brain was my good friend, the velvet bullet. We've been chillin' for four months and counting. I even started to get that rosy "after sexy time glow" which was weird since I was in class surrounded by 26 other students reading about cardiac arrest. I felt their stares on me and was quickly engulfed with shame. Well... not really.

Obviously I didn't do to well on the exam since I had no focus (or clue), but one can only hope.

After a long day of fantasizing I finally made it home. I changed into some comfy come hither clothing and Bollywood music (don't ask why), thought of you know who and got it on. Well I got it on for five glorious minutes until it STOPPED!

I changed the batteries and nothing. It died in the midst of action and I almost started to tear.

It's as if the world doesn't want me to be happy anymore. Still I am left with these thoughts that long for fulfillment. It always has to be me.

: (