Karenina Met Me on the R Line

It's a heavy book (Anna Karenina) so of course it came with heavy thoughts. My close friend gifted me with it and what piqued my interest was how she mentioned I reminded her of Anna, the main character. Still trying to grasp who she is so I continue to read her. I could make judgments but I don't want to sound like an ass who gets it wrong. I get the feeling she's living out an impossible love story. To take as a compliment or not?

"Without knowing what I am and why I'm here, it is impossible for me to live. And I cannot know that, therefore I cannot live." - Anna Karenina

I also skimmed a magazine article out of curiosity. It was pretty good and I almost bought the damn thing (due to the mind wanting to procrastinate) but decided to some Poland Spring instead. The article from what I was able to read spoke about how ladies, more easily than men, fall in love them after having sex or should I say become more attached. Even after a mutual agreed one night stand, the lady will be wondering about the mystery of the guy. Rewinding every play by play to see if she left him with the same impression he imprinted upon her. Waiting to see if she'll get a courtesy call. You know the one where the guy says "let me get your number so I can give you a ring sometime", but we all really know giving a number is wasted breath being spoken.

Sex also gives off the same chemistry balance they feel when they are in love (that EXPLAINS so much). It's intimate and sharing that with someone could make it seem more than what it really is. I wish I could go into more detail, but I don't have the resources and so I fail.

I do in a way agree, and can only speak on my behalf. Known amongst my friends for being a guy trapped in a lady's body, they get amazed to how "I play the field with such vigor and masculinity", I use quotations cause I actually have a big heart. And as Ray J states big hearts break easy. When I get caught up in the friskiness of it all, I feel closer. After a day or so I remind myself to not bother, it's a bit numbing and tiring to focus so much attention on it. Doesn't work - I refuel on Across the Universe cause I'm a cornball, and continue thinking about "him".

If that eventually falls through, I'm always armed with a booty call to ring up on.

"I fall in love every time I see the ceiling above me" - unknown