I should probably round that number up to 129 and from 129 take it to 130. And then from that subtract 10 if I wish to continue in the fashion industry.

During spring fashion week I weighed around 123 lbs. and was able to maintain it due to the yogurt diet. If I was more motivated I would have gone to the gym more and could have eaten more. Of course I did no such thing. Please keep in mind I never starved myself, I just ate a lot of yogurt. When I walked my last show on the last possible day to showcase collections I did what my taste buds told me to do. I went to Dallas BBQ and ate... everything. My poor eating habits continued and I went back to the normal and curvaceous range of 135. I wasn't too worried since I was signed to a year long contract so no need to impress people until I decide to work (fall fashion week) so I took a hiatus from modeling and did my best to boost my grades this semester.

Now I'm stuck in a rut. My Booker left the agency making me homeless and in need of quick cash for summer classes. This is what happens when you don't stay on top on your shit. I've been lucky enough to score some interest (it's all about the networking) at Fusion Model Mgmt, Supreme, Boss, and some no name agencies. The problem is that the girls these agencies support are working girls because they have the slender body designers, magazines, and photographers need. I need to achieve that working girl body by next Friday so I can start making my rounds. I need some new photos as well. If only I could score a catalog gig but I see no future since I've already been rejected by Victoria Secret for having an exotic face but lacking in the assets.

After fall fashion week (also known as the retirement since I'm 22) I am definitely going back to working at editing labs. Keep the focus on where it really needs to be.

It's going to suck for a bit, no doubt. I'll probably never get a date now since we all know guys prefer curves. Maybe I can sucker someone in with my smile and humor, if I didn't already.

P.S. Seems I got a few A's in the bag for hunkering down the past month. : )