Goodbye Sunday

This week I

-wanted to hang out with the TA
-wanted to work out everyday
-wanted to eat vanilla ice cream that is overflowing with sprinkles
-wanted to eat authentic tacos
-wanted someone to be genuinely interested in me for at least a day
-wanted to cut back on smoking menthol
-wanted to cut back on masturbation
-wanted to sort my paycheck issues at Ambercombie and Fitch
-wanted to hold someone's hand
-wanted to take memories this weekend
-wanted to do my laundry

Instead I
-did not see the TA (sigh)
-worked out on Monday, Tuesday, and Saturday with a little less motivation
-ate two spoonfuls of vanilla ice cream with peppermint sprinkles (what a waste of 3$)
-ate 6 authentic tacos and they were so amazing
-had various guys interested in me throughout Saturday night but after catching a few them sucking face with other girls I realized their intentions didn't match up to mine so I nipped it in the bud when they tried to kiss me (eww I'm not into sharing)
-quit smoking the menthols for good. Instead I'm doing Parliaments Lights and hopefully before the end of May I will completely stop.
-did not masturbate all week end!! Someone pat me on the back, I'm breaking one addiction after another. GO ME!
-did not sort my paycheck issues, hopefully this week's check is hassle free.
-held somebody's hand for a few seconds before immediately letting go and massaging my hand. It felt weird and uncomfortable. He laughed, it's been a while for the both of us to be in any sort of relationship.
-forgot to take out the batteries from my vibrator and put them in my camera, which rendered it useless. But, I made quite a few that I will always remember this weekend. Thank you G train :D.
-did not do my laundry and pretty soon I will have to go commando.

P.S. I reheard my favorite song from way back in the high school frosh days.