Bliss List for the Busy Gal

Am I the only one that felt like this month flew past? It honestly feels like it’s been work, eat, sleep and repeat from Mondays through Fridays on this end. Thank goodness for the weekends and for the occasional and unexpected downtime otherwise I wouldn’t know how to (a) do my errands and (b) indulge in a little bit of me time.

For month’s that are as insanely busy as this one’s, every little bit of me time has to be precise and straight to the point.


Here are a few of my tried and true favorite ways to unwinds along with brands that always come to the rescue when I feel like I might be drowning:

1. Bloom Mineral – like a spa, but at home!
I love a good facial as much as the next girl but squeezing one in (and footing the bill) can be a little tough. But Bloom Mineral makes it easy for anyone with their 4 piece kit and easy steps. The kit includes their Softening Cleansing Milk (wash with this first), Mud Mask (apply generously and relax while it works), then rinse and moisturize your skin + eyes with their Moisture Shield and Eye Cream.

Head over to and use skin25 for 25% off your first 2 purchases. Ends June 30, 2017.


2. Hot Water with Lemon – it never fails + detoxes your body
I first wrote about the benefits of drinking hot water with lemon here but as a refresher, this drink helps to flush out all the toxins and relieves indigestion. It’s also great for your skin.


3. Clear Eyes Pure Relief Multi-Symptom – keep those peepers clear!
Anyone else suffering from allergies or dry lenses? My eyes are so red and dry from the pollen it’s only fair that I give my eyes relief when unwinding. I’m a fan of these preservative free eye drops that come in a multi-dose bottle (at retail in the US); they relieve red eyes and seasonal irritants along with keeping my eyes moisturized all day long. As a contact lens wearer, this small bottle is in my pockets year round.

Get a $3 coupon here and learn more about the drops here.

4. HeadSpace – clear your mind wherever you are!
This is a relatively new app but saw its ads on the subway for a bit. One day I finally bit the bullet and gave it a try. It takes 5 to 10 minutes to meditate (do this while masking with Bloom Mineral!) and leads to a sense of calm in your head. Try it - it’s free!

5. Nad’s – fast & painless
As a busy gal with a budget on a time constraint, I do lots of my own hair removal at home. I tried all of the drugstore brands and found that Nads works the fastest (all you need is four minutes) without irritating my sensitive skin. As for the scent, it’s on the pleasant side.

Learn more about Nad’s here!


6. Coobie – like a bra but better!
As I’ve gotten older, I made a choice to stop being uncomfortable. I got rid of most of my wire bras and traded up for seamless, soft bralettes. Unfortunately, there are days when I need to support the girls a little more but when I’m done, I come straight home and change into a Coobie. The straps are adjustable and the stretchy lace guarantees you’ll feel secure but not strapped in.

Sizes range from Small to Large in a variety of colors. Check it out at

Now that I’m almost done with this post, it’s time for me to follow steps one through six and unwind myself. Let me know if there’s anything you would add on too!

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