My Favorite Shower Essentials

Please raise your hand if daily showers are deemed a necessity in your life. Alright me too.


Growing up in a house full of kids, showers were the one thing I absolutely loved. My young naive self would stay in there for hours. But my friends, the prep - that was the best part. I'd save up my allowance and hit up the Bath & Body Works sales as if I were prepping for an Armageddon. (Priorities am I right?). With my mom being an Avon rep the hoarding of bath products tripled.

Then I realized it's probably smarter to store canned foods and stop being so wasteful with water. If anything its better to maximize my time with products that ooze spa-bliss. Enter Molton Brown, a favorite I discovered on the UES thanks to its proximity to Hunter College. The line is full of luxurious scents and amazing exfoliants. Whenever I run out of a particular scent I play Russian Roulette and try something new from them.


This month I went with Eucalyptus in body soap, lotion, and the body scrub. It's definitely not your typical floral fragrance but it reminded me of my first sister trip to Australia and how amazing the air smelled. When applied the scent isn't powerful (which I love) and combined with the shower's steam basically feels like aromatherapy. Molton Brown also carries travel sizes of everything (it's a bit more affordable if you want to give it a go) but I think I'm going to bottle up a little bit of this and pack it for my trip.


Pro tip: their exfoliator is UH-mazing and comes in a pretty big tub that has lasting power. The sugar granules purify the skin, soften and exfoliate, and the mint aroma helps lift your mood. If you're into sunless tanning, I recommend using the exfoliator before hand to help create a smooth base for application.

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