The Fourth Wall

Hey guys, I've been spending a lot of time going through older posts and reread a few (okay a lot). There were some that got deleted cause inapprops, a lot about music + films, but most of them were honest.

Photo by  Lydia Hudgens

Photo by Lydia Hudgens

I really miss that - having a platform to express my opinions, art work and more. In a way this blog really started out as my scrapbook (and dating horror stories). From coffee shops, classrooms, and delayed trains, I'd write from from anywhere that was steady enough to make sure I captured my thoughts from that day. I've even had a few encounters with readers - my mom didn't even read my blog back in 2008! But they connected with my honest posts of going through bouts of depression & PTSD struggles, dating, work woes... You know, life in general. You'll still find me writing on the subways (some habits never break) but not as frequently or as intimately.

The first time a reader approached me in real life I realized how strongly they resonated with my entries. How I made a difference just by being open - they didn't feel alone in their struggle. Over time though I haven't been as candid because well... Employers tend to google you and girlfriend didn't want any awkward moments. But I'm kind of over that if it means being able to tell my story and let the world know - shit happens, we get through it, and we get stronger.

Hopefully I didn't come off as corny but it's time I started being a little more honest so we can all connect on a deeper level. And if not that, at least you can all laugh with me. From now on expect monthly updates or vlogs where we can catch up and be real.