Conquering the Push-Up

Like I mentioned in my last post, push-ups and me are not friends. We're not even acquaintances. We're more like Facebook friends that ignore each other. 

This summer however, I want to turn us into Instagram besties. 


A few ways I plan to tone up my arms and get rid of the bra bulge is to add more mountain climbers and take more Kettle Bell classes when possible.

Last month Refinery29 had an amazing 30 day plank challenge which my SO and I accepted during my core month. Sidenote, isn't it so much easier when you have a fitness buddy when it comes to burning calories? Alright, so after a round of web-surfing I found another 30 day challenge geared towards push-ups. Not sure if I'll be able to bust out 50 push-ups at the end, but I'm definitely going to give it a go.


Here are a few more articles found while web-surfing:

- Another seven easy moves to get killer arms.

- Add some of these tracks to your workout playlist for an added boost.

- An easy breakfast recipe to help anyone start on the right foot. 

And remember, a hour workout is 4% of your day. 30 minutes is even less, so let's get moving!

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