The Core of it All

Getting fit isn't the easiest lifestyle change. Even I have a hard time waking up early for runs or getting myself to a class via Classpass. But in the end, I think about how I'll feel afterwards and treat myself (this month's mantra for sure).

With the Brooklyn Half happening this weekend (ahh! can't wait) I've been putting more focus on my core. Your core (the entire midsection including the back) is what stabilizes your body during your day to day and reduces risk for injury when kept strong and flexible. 

Another benefit to keeping your core in tip-top shape - better posture. A must if you work behind a computer all day long, as I do.

While I am no certified trainer, I'm an avid collector (pinner if you must) of great workouts and articles that can work for almost anyone:

- Refinery29 has a great 30 Day Plank Challenge you can do. I'm starting it on Monday and would love it if you joined me. Not sure how to do a plank, watch this.

- If you're in NYC and looking for a no-frills ab class that gets the job, check out Absolutions. I go once a week and feel better for it everytime.

- Got an early class? Pre-pack your workout bag to make getting out the door easier. Find more hacks here

- Stretching your core is equally important. Set an alarm midday for a brisk walk and a few desk side stretches. This infographic has 17 different ones to try this week.

- Want to take it to the next step with a full body workout? I've heard great things about the Bikini Body Guide. The price is a little steep so try snooping around eBay (didn't hear that from me).

- Find a few fashion-forward pieces from Lucy. I swear, new activewear that looks and feels good is like a welcomed boost of motivation. Plus, their new SS15 collection is bananas.

I've been contemplating whether I should share my fitness schedule or what my day-to-day (kind of like what I eat, do, etc.) looks like. If you think it would be helpful or are curious about it - let me know in the comments :).

Imagery via Lucy.