10 Tips for a Healthier You

Happy Friday Guys!! After getting sidetracked by a head cold I'm excited to get running again and back to business. Now we all live busy lives so it's even more important that we stay healthy as we enter one of the busiest seasons of the year. Or hey, maybe there's a fitness goal that you're trying to conquer in addition to being a healthier version of yourself.
With that in mind I think it's time for a post that is dedicated to 10 tips you can do daily and under 10 minutes. I find that breaking up a large goal into smaller more attainable goals is the best way to go when training, changing your lifestyle, or even wanting to be a healthier version of yourself. 


1. Move It
Take the stairs or a walk around the block but whatever you do aim to move your body for ten minutes. Try to go longer if you can and get your heart rate up there and it'll be your cardio for the day. You can even aim to do 10 minutes of movement in the AM (i.e. walking the dog), 10 after lunch (an outside stroll near the office), and the last 10 when you're home again (walking fido again) - whatever you choose know that it'll be beneficial to you in the long run.

2. Drink More Water
I tend to struggle with this one. But did you know that being tired is a symptom of dehydration? I didn't, but it explains a lot. My solution was to take a few minutes out of my day to find an app and set up reminders to drink more H2O. I've started using Daily Water Free and will let you know how that works out for me. 

3. Smile
Have you ever heard that smiling is contagious? Well, it is. Not only will the smiles spread throughout the crowd but it's also linked to having a positive effect on your attitude and can even help boost your immune system. If you need another reason to smile YouTube kittens.

4. Eat Breakfast
Enjoying a well balanced meal in the AM can help improve your focus throughout the day and even help you with weight loss if that's your goal. Putting together a healthy meal doesn't have to take long either. Here's my fail-proof meal when time matters: toast with avocado and then I grab a banana as I head out the door. Easy Peasy.

5. Meditate
Here's another great one, wherever you are stop and breathe. Focus on the good things in life or simiply try to be as still as you can. Take these 10 minutes to destress and you'll have given yourself another to be a healthier & happier you. Have more than 10 minutes? Sign up for a yoga class near you.

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6. Stretch
There is nothing better than grabbing your toes towards you or even pulling in your knees to your chest for that ultimate AM stretch. If you're work consist of you sitting down from nine to five don't forget to get in a few stretches every half hour too! Stretching increases blood flow and circulation to where we need it most so make sure to take 10 and stretch.

7. Go Outside
Even if it's for 10 minutes being outside tends to put us in a more positive attitude. Try to take 10 and head outside after your lunch during the work day. Being outside helps improve concentration and gives our immune system a boost - this is also a great time to get in those 10 minutes of movement 😉.

8. Spray A Lavender Mist on Your Pillow
My mom actually introduced me to this new concept. She's been studying aromatherapy for the past two years and knows how hard I struggle with sleep so I gave her suggestion a go. In the past month I've actually felt more relaxed before going to bed and felt like I had a deeper sleep so to speak. Since spraying my pillows with a lavender mist my quality of sleep has gone up ten-fold and my AM attitude has improved as well.

9. Turn Off the Digital Devices
This. Probably the reason I've had such a hard time falling asleep in the first place but I've been a lot better about turning off my digital devices at least 10 minutes before sleep. Did you know that staring at our screens can increase anxiety and has been linked to sleep problems. I'm going to implement a new "no screens" rule an hour before bed but starting with 10 minutes is also ideal. Remember start small but reap big benefits.

10. Go to the Walmart Fair
My last tip is to head to your local Walmart and partake in America's Biggest Health Fair. It's happening tomorrow at your local Walmart from 12p - 4p. While you're there you can get free health screenings, learn more about health insurance and even walk away with a goody bag to help you with your new path to a healthier you.
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Photos by Anna Rosh.