The Essentials: October 2015

Compared to last month, I basically dove straight into my cabinets (where I keep my secret stash of hair, skin, & beauty products). I also expanded my skincare routine so it's more of a layering routine (if you're curious you can learn more about that here). After a good month of testing these guys (and reading lots of reviews) I bring you my October essentials.


I can't mention everything otherwise I'd be here forever but maybe it's something I'll explore on YouTube one day. I do wanna chitchat about a few standout products.

Hair: I'm not one for dry shampoo since it never really works well on my curls, but after trying Carol's Daughters Monoi Dry Shampoo I quickly changed my mind. (Make sure you order in a tone close to your hair color). There's no parabens or sulfates and doesn't weigh down the curls just make sure to massage through your roots. Another fave is the Marc Anthony Macadamia Oil Conditioning Treatment. I've only found this in packets at Ulta so it may (??) be sold in a tub, either way, it's super affordable and  made my hair feel super soft and smell great. Pick it up if you're looking to up your hair game.

Skin: I started using First Aid Beauty sometime this past summer and love how gentle but effective the entire line is. I picked up the Facial Radiance Pads to help dimish dark spots and brighten my skin and have been so amazed by the results. A little pricey but a great BHA for those in need. I've also upped my mask game with dermae's charcoal mask. I'm trying to mask twice a week; one that is moisturizing and another that keeps my face free & clear. The dermae mask has been great for removing toxins from my face without leaving my skin tight - it's also all natural.

Body: Molton Brown will always be a star in my eyes. The smell from the eucalyptus line is so invigorating in the AM or PM - it just makes me feel so chill after. It's a little pricey but it's how I've been treating myself (i.e. worth it). I've also been pleasantly surprised my the MoroccanOil hand cream - this is going to be a lifesaver once the temps drop.

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Anything you loved last month? Tell me about it!