Gather & Gown | For the Stylish Wedding Party

This post is for all my ladies currently experiencing the "all my friends are getting married" syndrome - yep, I feel you. Not that weddings or the joining of two loves is bad, in fact it's wonderful (!!) and I love a great wedding - even better if it's a destination wedding (hello Punta Cana). The only bad thing is getting stuck with a dress (bonus points for funky colors) you wont wear ever again. Well, let me blow you mind for just a bit. 

Last month I was invited to go on set and preview the Gather & Gown collection. In case you're wondering, they're a new e-commerce bridal boutique with a full range of quality dresses for under $200. The first thing I noticed about the collection was the assortment of modern styles, and how easy it would be to style the dress and wear out even after the wedding. If only Gather & Gown was around a few years ago, I'd be able to wear out my bridesmaid dress from a previous wedding - but nope, that one is still hanging in the closet, unworn. Having said that, most pieces in the Gather & Gown collection start at around $99 (with free shipping and returns) and can easily be restyled to be worn again and again!

Founders Michael Shettel and Vincent Piccione also understood that bridesmaid may not live in the same town, or the same state for that matter, so it was important that their site enable besties to shop collaboratively online no matter the distance. This is perfect, since my besties are scattered all throughout the USA. They've also been in the bridal industry for years and know one of the best ways to pass the savings onto us is by eliminating some of the tailoring costs. Instead of sending you one dress, they'll send you 3 different sizes of the dress so you can pick which one fits best instead of being stuck with an ill-fitting dress and a hefty tailoring bill.

Here are a few behind the scene snaps as well! The team was generous enough to capture these on my ratty iPhone so I can share these with you all. 

Gather & Gown is scheduled to launch this January, but you can follow them on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter for a preview of their spring collection.

Thank you Gather & Gown for sponsoring this post and for making bridesmaid dress shopping more fun and convenient! 

P.s. Sign up on their site by December 26th to 20% your future order!!