Q&A With RockScar Designs

Amy Tippins from RockScar Designs made a bold decision to change industries in 2010. Targeting women from 18 to 35, her real goal was to target their self-esteem and beliefs. One way she’s changing the world is by empowering women to embrace their scars and their stories through her ‘Scars R Sexy’ campaign. Read the full interview below and get inspired.

How did you come up with the concept of RockScar Designs?

RockScar Designs is my baby… Well, my first baby at least.

I was working in the financial services industry when I started to feel unfulfilled. Some of my passions at the time and currently is to make a difference in the lives of people alongside with shopping and clothing. So I wanted to combine these passions and leave my mark on the world. An edgy flair mark that helped women really embrace the struggles that made them stronger… Embrace their scars and be empowered by them.

Do you have a scar story?

Do I have scars? Ahhh… More than we have time to discuss. With over a dozen scars from surgeries and lots of emotional scars from nearly dying from liver disease and then my liver transplant, my biggest scar to date was being told I was sterile. Yet, all these scars are sexy because they are making me into the woman God created me to be. They are my greatest weakness, but when accepted and loved they will be my greatest assets. Especially when making a difference in the world around me.

What are your favorite pieces on the website right now?

You’re asking me to pick my favorite of my own designs?  UGH!  Well, I love to workout so naturally our sports bra. Another favorite is the crop top [Ed. Note: They’re also trending for Spring]. And finally, I love sleeping in RockScarLove’s pajama tops, it’s the only thing I sleep in.

How do you stay up to date on the latest design trends?

Oh Lawd!

Magazines, Pinterest, Instagram, celebrities and industry articles.

What are the hardest part and best part about manning RockScar Designs? 

I am a one-woman team with a limited budget. I don’t sleep much, BUT I do get to see the faces of women when they embrace their stories. I find that helping women heal and rediscover a newfound self worth is the better end of the deal.

Do you have a favorite story about a customer that made everything even more worthwhile?

There are so many stories, but the young college girls and young adult women are my favorite. Too many of them have been sexually assaulted, but when they recognize that they did nothing and are still so very beautiful inside and out… Makes me tear up thinking about it. I love those stories.

Any last words for the readers?

Inside each of us is a lot of pain… And hope.  When you allow the pain to “be”, fight like hell to overcome what caused the pain and take every opportunity you are given to make the difference. Only then will you find the inner being you were created to be. 

Hope you all felt a little more empowered after reading this interview with Amy, and to find out more about RockScar Designs please click here. And remember, whether physical or emotional your scars are sexy and can only make you stronger.