You Should Rent #18

Hotel Rwanda - Terry George (2004)

Hotel Rwanda is based on the true story of hotelier Paul Rusesabagina, played by Don Cheadle, and his unique story on on survival during the 1994 genocide. This political thriller opens with propaganda playing on the radio, with the host being very insistent on the extinction of "cockroaches." The unrest between the Hutus and Tutsis has been long standing, both groups have at one point or another been the oppressed and the other the oppressor due to ethnic tensions. After realizing the radio is how the interahamwe spread their intent we soon begin to prick our ears for more information and worry for Paul, who has come into care for over 1,000 refugees, along with his family, at his hotel.

To me, this film doesn't squarely focus on the genocide, but focuses on Paul and Colonel Oliver actions towards it. There isn't very much gore or blood on screen but the film is still hard to watch at times since I feel bits of hopelessness for the characters. Colonel Oliver also feels hopeless and blames racism for the U.N. and the Western countries for not wanting to put an end to this carnage.

You should rent this film because it's about a single person's courage and their ability to act during such horrid circumstances. It's a testament that we all have the same ability to change history, just like Paul.

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