Apartment Project: The Bathroom

The first room of the apartment we shall tackle as a collective will be the bathroom. It seems as if it was recently renovated but in a careless way. There are gaps between the tiles, bathtub, and toilet. The faucet for the shower tends to fall off every time. It's going to be some work but it will all be worth it in the end. The color scheme I'm going for will be grays and blacks as per the boyfriend's request.

Here are the before photos:

As you can see I already added a shower curtain and a mat because duh, it's the normal thing to do. But they are temps!! The doorknobs to the cabinet need to be changed since they fall off every time something touches them.

For now this over the door bungee towel holder works for me. It doesn't take up much space in an already tiny bathroom and can hold all my necessary towels. Although I don't think it can manage the weight of wet towels. I added an over the door hanger for when towels are damp.

This toilet seat has got to go. This toilet also has to be tighten or fastened to the floor somehow since it moves every which way. Highly annoying.

I gotta do something with the way bathroom products are organized.

That's our cat Bear. Her face is cut off in the picture. I have already changed the shower head to something more amazing to help me feel amazing when I wake up. It's the first thing I do when moving somewhere new. Got to have that water pressure just right otherwise I get pretty grumpy. But that tub definitely needs to get re-caulked.

Well these were all the before photos. Hopefully you'll see some better after photos and better lighting - another thing that needs to get fixed in the bathroom. I would appreciate any suggestions on making my space a better space.