Apartment Projects: The Bedroom

Welcome to the bedroom!! Woot woot, one down many more to go. Being able to relax in the bedroom will be the main theme in this room, as well as separating the workspace from the sleep space. I would also like to free up as much floorspace as possible as well creating storage for the apartment here. It's going to be quite the project if you ask me. The room has a weird shape to it but the ceilings are high enough that maybe something beautiful can come out of it. As per the boyfriend's request, black or something close it, will be the color scheme. I'm going to go with a dark gray and white.

Here are the before photos:

Lots of work lies ahead of me. That much is for sure. I would like to paint the "bed" wall a dark gray and leave the rest white to make the room seem larger. It's also another great way to keep the bed separated from the rest of the room. The lights also need some changing. It's way too yellow for my liking.

The closet was a nightmare but is looking better. I'll do a separate post on how I fixed it up with help from dad later on.

The shoe rack needs to go, that bookcase needs to get longer, and those boxes are a sign that I need more closet space. Overall this space needs to get revamped.

Lots of free wall space that need some art and maybe shelving. I got rid of my old "college" mesh hamper and got something a little more elegant. Towels need a place to get stored and handbags hidden underneath those towels need a home of their own.

Ughhh. This just needs a complete do over and those curtains are getting the curtain. HALP!

Well these were all the before fotos. Hopefully you'll see some better after photos and better lighting. I would appreciate any suggestions on making my space a better and relaxing space.

Apartment Projects: The Bathroom Pt. 7

Finally!! The bathroom has been completed. So excited to show you the after fotos and if you want a reminder of how it looked like before click here.

The boy and I decided to the decorate the bathroom based upon the color black and toys-as-art. Although it took us a while to finally pull it all together (we didn't have a lot to work with) it feels so awesome to have a piece of our apartment done and in our style. 

Now we move onto the bedroom. 

Dun, dun, DUN!!


P.s. If you guys have fotos up of your apartment decor, I would love to check them out. Leave your links in the comments below.

Apartment Projects: The Bathroom Pt. 6

After our demon kitty destroyed the jar that once housed our toothbrushes it was time to find a new place for our dental needs. Not a lot of options in that field but I certainly did look at toothbrush holders and pencil holders and nothing rocked the boat until I saw this toothbrush holder made entirely out of concrete. It makes the bathroom feel very minimalist and grown-up which is a good thing. AND the concrete is sealed so it's not like placing your toothbrush on the sidewalk in case you were wondering.

Glass and concrete the perfect mix. Find it here via Etsy.