Gift Guide: The Booklover

I reached out to Diana C. of @bookoffee (a true bibliophile in every way) to help guide us towards great gifts for booklovers!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year again! And by wonderful I mean, making lists of stuff you need to buy and trying to order everything in due time so that it doesn't ship after the holidays.

If you are buying gifts this season for a book lover, we have just the right stuff for you to buy. Check them out below!


1. This amazing shower curtain to goes with the book. Buy shower curtain here ($68) and book here ($12 hardcover) for a match made in heaven.

2. This tote combining two fandoms for your friend who is a huge Belle fan (the original book lover). Buy it here ($22).

3. This glorious clock to help your friend deal with their buying habits. Buy here ($30).

4. This badass mug to make tea or coffee more enjoyable. Buy here ($15).

5. This very relatable print for every friend that sees staying in with a book as the best way to enjoy a Friday night. Buy here ($18).

6. This adorable bookmark will make your friend want to stop reading so they can admire this cool bookmark. Buy here ($25).

7. For your friend, that keeps track of everything book-related. Buy here ($8.89).

8. For the artsy booklover friend get this Print from JessIllustrator. Buy here ($26).

9. For the friend who loves to read but also dabbles in writing get this adorable Kate Spade Pencil Case. Buy here ($30).

10. For your friend (or just interesting people) that likes to set the mood when reading and immerse themselves get candles that smell like places from books. Buy here ($16).

11. For your friend that is always cold make things warmer and better when they read. This Microwavable Teddy Bear gets warm and the best thing to cuddle with when reading. Buy here ($24.98).

12. Finally, a booklover’s collection of Funko Pop Figures is never complete so get their favorite character(s). Buy here ($8).

13. For friends that are working on their book collection get this funny bookends. Buy here ($14.71).

When in doubt, of course, giftcards and actual books work but I can guarantee that any booklover will appreciate these cool gifts and use them when reading.

Merry bookdragon Christmas!

Also, to see a bunch of these in action feel free to check them @bookoffee.