Giving Back With: glassybaby

Hey guys, so I wanted to try out a new feature on the blog. Well, an old feature I used to write about – brands that give back.

Every now and then I’ll include a mention but some of these companies are doing such GREAT things that they deserve more than a mention. In the past, I’ve mentioned MUJUS, DellaLA, OneSight and even Old Navy.

Today, I’d like to shine some of the spotlight on glassybaby. I had the pleasure of meeting their impassioned team a few weeks ago and I could not stop thinking about their project. Which brings us to today’s post and restarting this old blog column.


glassybaby are votives with a motive, giving – and giving back – inspirational stories since it’s inception. The concept was started back in 1995 after the founder Lee Rhodes was diagnosed with cancer for the third time. She met with other patients and heard their stories about not being able to afford basic necessities for either themselves or their children because of the cost of treatment. During this, she had an “Aha” moment with a tea candle and a glass cup – and glassbaby was born.


With that, she starts up glassbaby and hires artists to make more glass votives for us to gift. Each sale, she donates a portion to charities that are committed to helping their patients heal. For example, the ‘true white’ glassybaby gives 10% to help cancer patients with day-to-day needs not covered by basic health insurance. This has now grown to something even bigger – the white light fund – which supports the same cause and provides a family housing service at the university of Washington Medical Center.


Since 1995, Lee and glassbaby (and their amazing team) have raised over three million to go towards their cause. They’ve also expanded the list of causes they give to - specific votives give to specific causes too. And in case you’re wondering no two glassybabys are the same since they’re all made by hand which makes them a unique gift.

As we head into the holiday season (or simply need gift ideas as party favors), keep this brand at the top of your mind.

Run 10 Feed 10

After my long vacation I ready to get back into the grind by running. This weekend I'm joining Women's Health Magazine and FEED in their 4th annual Run 10 Feed 10 event right here in New York City. 


Once a year thousands of men and women will run down the West Side Highway in the fight against hunger. The concept is simple: run a 10k, feed 10 people.

What's amazing is that within the last four years this annual race has raised 3.75 million mealsand has hopes of breaking 5 million in 2015.  ABC’s Good Morning America Chief Meteorologist Ginger Zee will be the special guest host and will also be running the race.


The best part about this race, it's open to the public and those wanting to make an impact in their community. Each registration fee covers a limited-edition FEED bag and bracelet as a special finisher prize (sort of like a thank you). Day of the race, there will also be stretches and yoga to soothe those tired muscles and lots of fun activations and giveaways.

If you're in NYC please come out and join me:

Sunday, September 20, 2015 @ 7 AM
Pier 84 at Hudson River Park
(and tweet at me so we can meet up! @thestyleboro)

Can't run this one but want to donate? Click here where to do.

Get Involved with OneSight

The other night I was introduced to OneSight, and it basically opened my eyes to something I would have never thought about: the global vision crisis. Yes, there's a vision crisis, and yes there is something we can do about it.

I, for one, need my glasses to see and am so lucky to have a healthcare network that can give me the care and sight that I need. So, if there's anything I can do to make sure others can see as well, I will of course pass it forward and hope you do too.

In honor of World Sight Day (which was on Oct. 9th), OneSight offered me and a few others a glimpse into what it's like to be one of the 563 million people who can't see and shared a few of their stories as well. OneSight, a non-profit devoted to eradicating the global vision crisis, will simulate a visually impaired experience at (#thewayweseeit). For those 563 million people, the world is a blur and OneSight is committed to change that blur to a crystal clear vision; all with an eye exam and a pair of glasses. 

With this clear goal in mind OneSight has helped over 8.5 million people with charitable vision clinics around the world and sustainable vision centers in The Gambia and the United States.

Although World Sight Day is over, we can still learn about the work OneSight is doing at home and abroad, share their message and of course donate to the cause. 

Learn more here: