Art school didn't last that long after I realized the loans would never be paid in a timely matter. I came back home and started doing internships for many movies, some big and some small, and all unpaid. I stopped carrying my camcorder and cameras around, and I've nearly stopped editing footage. If I'm lucky I might make a "short" every year and develop a few rolls of film.

No semester to look forward to this fall (thanks a lot learning disabilities) I want to get that desperation back when I didn't know everything. I want to see more films, and possibly spend many late nights creating my own. This lack of motivation is making my "mini" editing lab very dusty. A little too dusty for 6 G's.

The Teenage Chronicles: At the age of sixteen I recorded everything, and upon a class project rediscovered lost footage of my youth (eighteen mini DV's). Difficult to fit four years of my life into three minutes I plan on making more. My obsession with scrapbooks probably molded this more into a video scrapbook; strangers will definitely not enjoy this video. Do not look forward to anything and you will never get disappointed.

PS- If you're having difficulties right click on the video. Click on show all or if you want you can click on the full screen icon on the lower right corner.